10 Reasons Why You Need Water Filtration Systems

We all know that humans are 70% water and we can’t survive without it. But it seems that not all water is created equal and in fact it maybe more beneficial for us to drink filtered water, especially if we live in an area where the water quality isn’t great. If you need some more convincing of the health benefits of filtered water, here are 10 reasons you should know. 


It Can Improve Skin Health

When we filter our water, we get rid of some of the minerals that it picks up when it travels to us especially if we live in a hard water area. These minerals in high volume can make our skin dry and dull over time. When we start drinking filtered water, we are giving our body what it needs to promote vibrant and healthy skin. Once you make the chance to filtered water, you’ll start to see the difference in your skin tone in no time. 


It Can Protect Your Teeth

Not all water is a balanced pH level, and a slight increase or decrease either side of the scale can play havoc with our oral health. The enamel on our teeth can be damaged if the water we are drinking is too acidic or too alkaline, so drinking filtered water that has had its pH level adjusted can keep your teeth and gums healthy. 


No Lead

Lead is a big problem, especially when it is in our water supplies. If children are exposed to lead over an extended period of time it can affect their behaviour, neurological development as well as ability to grow. Making sure that lead stays out of their bodies as well as yours means that everyone will be healthier for it. Not all water sources have lead, so it is worth checking with your water company first. 


No Pathogens 

Water borne pathogens and diseases aren’t uncommon and they can make you very unwell, especially in children and pregnant women. Although in some places it is unlikely to happen due to the adequate water treatment plants, it can happen in other areas where the same standards aren’t met. By filtering your water, you are reducing the chance of getting unwell from it! 

10 Reasons Why You Need Water Filtration Systems

You’ll Drink More Of It

There aren’t many things that a better than a cool, crisp glass of water, especially one that tastes as it should. If you start filtering your water and you prefer the taste of it over your tap water, you will inevitably want to drink more of it! And because you are drinking more of it, you will be hydrated and healthier. 


Filtration Removes The Bad But Keeps The Good

Our bodies need minerals to operate, such as zinc, magnesium and sodium. When you filter your water, some people think that you lose these vital minerals, but you don’t. Water filters are now smart enough to be able to take out the parts of the water you don’t want and leave the parts in that our bodies need! Filtered water gives more of the good minerals than the costly mineral bottled water that you can buy at your local store, for a lot less than what the store will charge you. 


Removes Chlorine

In some places, chlorine is used to treat the water in order to make it safe to drink. In small quantities chlorine isn’t a bad thing, but in some areas a lot of chlorine is required in order to make the water safe. If you ingest too much chlorine, your chance of cancer can increase. Cancer may form in areas such as the bowel, colon and other areas of your digestion system. 


No More Dirty Pipes

Some of the pipes that bring water into our homes are actually older than the homes themselves. Over the course of the years, the pipes have become dirty and will have deposits up and down the length of them which will be carried into your home every time you turn on the tap. Filtering your water will negate the effects of dirty and old pipe work on your family and you will no longer be serving up cloudy water! 


It Smells Better

Have you ever turned on the tap and realised that actually you’ll skip the glass of water and have the coke in the fridge instead? Well that can be due to the smell coming out of it. It could be sulphurous or slightly chlorine tinged, either way, the end result is that you won’t drink it and chances are you become dehydrated. According to Waterfilterspot , switching to filtered water will give you access to clean fresh water that doesn’t smell. 


Food Will Taste Better

You may have cooked a meal only to find that your boiled veg tastes awful and given up and ordered a pizza. When you start cooking with filtered water, you’ll find that everything tastes better. There won’t be any bad tasting peas or carrots when you use water from your filter, so you might actually end up being healthier once you start filtering your water as you’ll being to enjoy cooking again. 


Final Thoughts

Surprising things happen to our bodies and our state of mind when we start drinking filtered water. Not only do we get the direct benefits of no longer ingesting dangerous pathogens or lead, we also get the secondary benefit of drinking more clean water. Furthermore, you’ll find that food will taste better, especially veg, so you will more than likely start wanting to cook rather than ordering in. People will notice the difference in your hair and skin when you switch to filtered water and your teeth will also thank you, so why not make the switch and start down a road to a healthier and more hydrated you. 

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