4 Reasons to Become Part of a Creative Discipleship Mentorship Program

If you are passionate and beaming with excitement about the word and ministry, you need to become a more significant part of discipleship. It’s often a life-changing moment that one gets to encounter with Jesus. If you are yet to join a discipleship mentorship program, you are missing out big time. You can click here https://www.planetshakers.com/ to experience incredible transformation through music among other church events, including creative discipleship classes. Here’s why you need to join now! 

Join in the mission 

Through discipleship classes, you get to have a deeper understanding of one’s mission on earth. It’s through the courses that one knows how to spread the good news across social media platforms using music, among other talents that one has. The online discipleship classes equip one with relearn guidance while nourishing their soul to counter the adversities they might encounter in the world. It also teaches one that genuine discipleship comes at a cost and after keep the faith no good deed goes unrewarded.

Build a strong relationship with new Christians

With so many distractions, one can easily veer off the right track as a new Christian. However, discipleship classes are a great way to meet with other Christians who will hold your hand and enable you to keep the faith until the race gets won. Creative discipleship enables one to get the much-assistance they need to grow and nourish their soul for the better. It’s also a chance to nurture one’s talent and later use it to spread the word. 

Learn the fundamental bible truths better

Discipleship is often a safe space for newer believers to explore the bible and learn the essential life principles step by step. Each study lesson often brings excellent insights into the bible, as one can also seek clarity in areas where they hardly have any understanding. You don’t have to get lost in your thoughts, wondering what a particular verse or chapter means. 

While joining the discipleship mentorship classes, you can state your concerns freely and get guidance all the way.

It’s a chance to share the gospel

The discipleship classes are often a judgment-free zone, as everyone is on the learning journey. It offers a unique opportunity for individuals to get saved, have a deeper understanding of the bible, and even share it with other people. One often feels highly encouraged to mingle with young people thirsty to know the gospel. It creates a significant sphere of influence of people who aren’t ashamed of talking about the good news. Through a profound interest, one becomes a more substantial part of the workers of faith in sharing the word of the Lord. It’s a beautiful chance to restore hope to the hopeless and enable one to find new meaning in life.

You can click here planetshakers.com to join the radical movement that’s passionate about praise and worship. That’s not all you get to encounter other young persons through discipleship classes who are hungry for an encounter with the Highest God. Join now and experience phenomenal life breakthrough like never before.

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