5 Tips to Take The Best Care of Your Newborn

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Having a baby is one of the most exciting yet nerve-wracking experiences. The new bundle of joy brings loads of happiness at the cost of a handful of responsibilities. What makes this time more challenging is the parents’ wishes to provide their baby with the best of everything. New parents do everything possible to ensure that the baby’s first few months are comfortable. People find themselves questioning even the tiniest stuff. Hence, we have created a list of tips to make this process smoother for you. Keep reading to handle your baby like a professional.

  • Inspect The Baby For Birth Injuries

About seven out of a thousand babies are born with a birth injury. Often the reason is negligence or mishandling by the hospital staff and doctors. You can observe your baby to see any signs of discomfort. The symptoms may include bruising and swelling, seizures within the first forty-eight hours, loose or limp limbs, and other signs of fracture.


Your immediate response to the injury should be to look for solutions and treatment for the problem. Prompt action can reduce the chances of any long-term health problems. However, be sure to take legal action against the people responsible for harming your baby. Contact a reputable Birth Injury Justice Center to get guidance on what your next move should be. These professionals will assess your situation and help you make a case or file a lawsuit.


  • Remember The Baby Is Fragile

We have all wanted to play with a newborn with an overwhelming amount of energy. Unfortunately, you cannot do this. Newborns resemble jelly in the first few months of their lives. They have less control over their limbs and cannot control where their neck goes. Hence, we should be careful when handling a baby.

Unlike what many advertisements and videos show, do not shake or spin the baby. Their weak muscles cannot support such fast movements. Instead, play with them while they are lying on a flat surface. Also, remember to keep your hand under their head at all times to support its weight. The good news is that you do not have to practice this for very long. Babies begin to gain control of their limbs and neck at about three months of age. They can even partially lift their heads to look around without any help. However, it still does not give you the pass to shake and spin the baby.


  • Take Care Of The Skin

Is your baby’s skin not the softest thing in the world? Of course, it is. But remember that it is just as sensitive. Hence, it is necessary to take care of the skin as much as possible. You should follow a different skincare routine for different weather and skin types. For example, the cold winters can dry your baby’s skin and irritate it. Using a lotion or cream after a bath would be a wise decision. You can apply a thicker cream when going out for a troll in the cold air. A humidifier in the house will also greatly help with reducing dryness. However, try keeping your baby as dry as possible in the summers. Too much humidity can cause heat rashes.


Moreover, opt for products that are made for newborns especially. These can be shampoos, soap, lotions, and balms. It is best to research online and ask for suggestions to find gentle products for your baby’s skin. It is generally wise to choose products that are hypoallergic and fragrance-free.


  • Give Regular Massages

Massages are great for your baby’s physical and emotional growth. The belly rubs can release gases, and movement can strengthen the muscles. It is also a great way to spend time with your baby without any distractions. Your complete attention to them during a massage session helps you build a bond with them.


Adding a massage to your daily routine will make it more enjoyable for you and the baby. They will expect it at a specific time every day if you put them in the habit. Choose the time when both of you are free and in a playful mood. Another decision you have to make is about the oils you use for the massage. Ensure they are not extracted from nuts to avoid any potential allergic reactions. Coconut oil is said to absorb faster into the baby’s skin. It also does not provide harm if your baby licks their oil-coated fingers. Remember that massages are a way to soothe the baby. They will work great before nap time or after bathing. Make sure you are gentle while massaging them. 


  • Swaddle Them For Calm Sleep

Two things newborns hold dearly are milk and sleep. A sleep-deprived baby is cranky and upset until they can finally close their eyes. Swaddling is the secret to a peaceful and long sleep. It is an ancient technique of wrapping your baby in a cloth. This mimics the safety and warmth of the womb as your little one adjusts to the world. Other than this, swaddling protects your baby against their startle reflex. It is one of the primitive reflex responses intended to keep the baby safe. However, a sudden movement while sleeping can hurt the baby. So, wrapping their limbs in a cloth will reduce these reflexes.


You might find it tricky to swaddle your baby properly for the first few times. Look for videos online to learn how to do it step by step. Here is a less detailed version for you:

  • Lay your baby face-up on a blanket.
  • Take one side of the blanket and wrap the same side’s arm in it. Bring it across the chest and tuck it under the other arm.
  • Do the same with the other side.
  • Bring the bottom up and tuck it loosely under one side of the baby.
  • Ensure it is not too tight and the baby’s hips can move.


Handling a baby is a tough task. Remember that you must enjoy this time with your newborn while it lasts. Do not spend it obsessing over always being perfect. New parents can make small mistakes. Unless it does not harm your baby, you are good to go. Be easy on yourself and accept that a thing or two might not go as planned, and that is perfectly fine.

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