8 Ways To Make The Home Office Feel Bigger

Read about 8 easy ways you can boost how big your home office space feels, for a more comfortable working environment.

Working from home can be great for work life balance, and overall quality of life. However, if your home office is feeling a little cramped then your working day could be a little more challenging than you might like. To help you enjoy a more comfortable working space, take a look at these 8 easy ways to make your home office feel bigger:

  1. Switch To A Bigger Space

It’s the obvious first choice, but if you have somewhere else in the house that is a bit bigger and that is available for you to use, then move your office there. There is nothing wrong with bigger spaces in your home if you need to. 

  1. Boost Natural Light

Natural light is known to make any space feel bigger and it’s also good for your mental and physical well-being. Open those curtains, pop some mirrors on the wall and enjoy a lighter, brighter space.

  1. Get A Smaller Desk

It’s so easy to get a giant desk when you first start working at home thinking that you’re going to need tons of surface space. The fact is that if you only use your laptop to work, you don’t really need a big desk. You could get a foldout desk, or a small table, you could use a ladder desk – the space-saving desk options are endless.

  1. Get A Smaller Chair

As with the desk, it is easy to get a huge chair that we think we need because it’s super ergonomic and super comfortable. However, if you’re having to edge around it when you’re in your working space then you should probably downsize.

  1. Declutter

Home offices get cluttered too and decluttering your space is a great way to make the space feel bigger again. A minimalist home is also beneficial for your mental health, so it’s worth applying minimalist rules to all areas, including your home office. Sort out paperwork, get rid of stock packaging, and otherwise remove anything that you don’t need or want in there.

  1. Boost Your Storage

If you’re struggling for storage try to use innovative solutions like shelves, integrated furniture storage, and other solutions. If there isn’t room for extra storage consider renting an inexpensive self-storage unit as an extension of your home office. This is particularly helpful if you have a lot of paperwork, or physical stock that you struggle to store.

Kept in a cheap self storage unit your stock will not only be clearing home office space, but it will be more secure and safe than in your home because facilities go a long way to keep your things protected. 

  1. Move Your Furniture Around

It is so easy to get used to the way your furniture is arranged. The problem is that it may not be the best way when it comes to space-saving. Move your furniture around and see if there is a better way. The chances are you can make a bigger-feeling office just by rearranging what is in the space already. 

  1. Opt For A Better Colour

Have you moved into a room that was previously decorated as a childs bedroom, or as a spare room? If you have, you might have left the walls the colour they were before. This could inadvertently be making the space feel small. Try painting the room a lighter colour to open up the space and to help reflect that natural light. If it’s a dark or busy colour, once it’s painted it will feel much more open.

Your home office can feel so much bigger with a few simple changes. Try our tips and hopefully you’ll soon be enjoying a more open working environment that supports your day-to-day business ventures.

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