9 Critical Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

Getting involved in a truck accident often leads to devastating effects. For starters, a truck weighs more compared to a standard car; thus, the impact of such an accident could lead to severe injuries. In the aftermath, stepping back and thinking straight is often difficult. You might have also lost your loved one to a truck accident. All in all, the actions you take after the accident will have a significant impact on your ability to protect yourself and anyone involved. So, what to do after a truck accident? To answer this, we will delve more into some of the critical steps to take after a truck accident.

Call 911

Your main aim after a truck crash should be to save lives and reduce the severity of injuries. It is vital to call 911 even if the injuries sustained might look minor. The response team provides an ambulance and trained medical experts to attend to the injured. Moreover, the 911 dispatcher also sends police officers to the accident scene to collect evidence and write the accident report. You will require this accident report as evidence when filing the insurance claim.

Check For Injuries

Ensure you move fast, if you can to check if you and the occupants of the truck have sustained injuries. Where possible, help anyone who requires immediate assistance. Moreover, it is vital to take note of the injuries and document them with the police officer as they write their report.

Refrain From Conversing About the Car Accident with Other Parties

As a rule of thumb, avoid discussing the accident with any parties. The details you provided about the accident could be used against you by the insurance company or the other parties involved. Instead, find legal help first. In this case, contact the truck accident attorney as you await the police officers to arrive. Having an experienced attorney by your side will help protect your rights. The attorney will help in collecting any evidence, providing the right legal counsel and representing you. 

Get Witnesses’ Contact Information

Accidents are usually unexpected, and the persons involved may not have precise details of what transpired. Therefore, evidence and information from eyewitnesses become very crucial. When one or more witnesses back your statement, it becomes more believable to the insurance adjusters and the police. After a truck accident, identify eyewitnesses and ask them to give details of what they saw as you record. You can also ask them to stay until the police arrive so that they can give their statements. Then, get their contact information: their name, phone number, and address if you want to reach them.

Gather Evidence

The evidence you collect at the accident scene will aid when filing compensation claims. One such piece of evidence could be the photos of the accident scene. They help depict the accident scene to your insurance company or in case the case goes to court. Take photos of the vehicles involved, the surrounding area, and injuries. 


Exchange Information with Other Parties Involved

The Florida automobile law requires that you exchange information with all parties involved in an accident. This information includes names, addresses, and vehicle registrations. You will find this information very crucial as you seek a claim. In addition, ensure that the police officer includes this information in their report.

Discuss The Accident with The Police Officer When They Arrives at The Scene

Once the police get to the scene, provide sufficient information about what caused the accident. Moreover, you can ask the eyewitnesses to give their side of the story to the police officers. Remember to report any injuries and their extent and ensure they are included in the report. Failure to report injuries may compromise compensation. It is imperative to remember that what you say to the police officer could be used against you. 

Seek Medical Attention 

Seek medical attention as soon as you can after the accident. It is imperative to go for a check-up as some injuries may fail to manifest right after the accident. Then, ensure that the doctor documents all your injuries and medical interventions. When seeking compensation, a comprehensive doctor’s report will be beneficial as it will help define the extent of your injuries, pain, and suffering.
Remember, a delay in seeking medical attention could give your insurance company a better argument that the injuries could have resulted from something else other than the accident.

File A Claim with Your Insurance Company

In most states, insurance claims have timelines. For example, if you want to file a claim against the at-fault party in Florida, the timeline is four years. You need to file your insurance claim as soon as possible. Remember to attach all the necessary evidence to support your claim. Let your truck accident attorney help you gather evidence such as the police report, medical reports, and photos to support your case.

Final remarks

There might be lots of tension and commotion after a truck accident, and thus knowing the necessary steps to take is essential to protecting yourself and those affected. Not only does it prevent further injuries, but it also ensures you obtain the necessary evidence for fair compensation. It is important to seek legal help from a truck accident attorney with a proven track record. It will help you get the best settlement amount for damages, pain, injury, and suffering.


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