A Gentleman’s Guide: Why Are Men Worshiping Women?

Building a lifelong connection is crucial for maintaining a respectful relationship. Indeed, this may take time and effort. But, according to experts, there’s a way to speed up the process. They believe that men must frequently worship women more than usual.


Actually, this is no big deal for a lot of people. This is especially true for those who are already practicing this concept. In this place full of chaos, there are still males who are gentleman enough to know the worth of females.


The reasons behind the concept of “men worshiping women” might be confusing for many people. So, this article is mainly made to answer and clarify this question.

Reason 1: They see you as their mother.

Mothers are known to be loving, protecting, and respectful creatures. Good treatment and communication merely start from them. Try to remember when you were still a child. They tend to worship and praise you for your physical attributes and achievements in life, right?


From a male’s point of view, how they are loved and cared for by their mothers is sometimes what they look for in a woman. So, once they see that you’re like their moms, they tend to worship you the same way they worship them.

Reason 2: They respect you.

Respect begets respect; this popular belief is still practiced up to this date. In relation to the concept of relationships, respect must be a top priority for both genders. Indeed, this is the key to keeping a lifelong relationship.


One of the sole reasons why men worship women is because they respect you. They learn more about you as time passes, from your personality to your values and beliefs. When connections like this happen, their trust and respect towards you also broaden.

Reason 3: They know your worth.

A great woman always knows her worth – this is why they have high respect for themselves. This concept makes the divine feminine aspect of a woman unstoppable. For example, suppose they are receiving unequal treatment from the opposite sex.


In this situation, they often decide to leave the relationship and that person to save themselves from potential burnout. But, this can all be subjective. When you’re with a person who knows and respects your worth, then this wouldn’t be a problem. A man who constantly worships a woman perceives their partner as “worthy.”

Reason 4: They believe the concept of equality.

Equality has always been an issue around the world. But, back in the day, women were constantly subjected to this situation. Although this has been reduced, some people still receive unequal treatment.


Suppose a person, particularly a man, believes that all people are equal and must be treated equally. In this case, they will most likely worship and respect you. For instance, a man has and lives with this kind of mindset. Then, there is a high possibility that they’ll practice this every time without hesitation.

Reason 5: They want to be worshiped too.

The concept of “worshiping other people” is believed to work miracles when individuals aim to be worshiped as well. Human beings love to hear positive praises from others, especially from the opposite sex. Actually, this is considered a form of validation. Indeed, when someone gets positive feedback, it motivates them to do more good. 


In relationships, men are afraid of asking for validation. It’s always the women who demand constant validation, so they can feel good about themselves. If you notice that your guy often does this, then he might be waiting for you to do the same thing. Once you see this kind of scenario, then you should also provide them with positive praises.

Reason 6: They are captivated by your beauty.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes. Human beings are well-aware of how the power of beauty works. The way people see you reflects on how they treat you. Yes, one’s money and social status are essential. But, this can all be disregarded when they don’t perceive you as beautiful.


So, when a man sees the beauty in you, they often worship you for your beauty and in different aspects. When this happens, they won’t even see any negative in you. Moreover, they’ll more likely disregard their own feelings and thoughts just to boost your self-esteem. Once you notice a man doing this to you, then he’s probably into you.

A Man with Great Values!

Every human being is worthy of receiving equal treatment and respect. Imagine living in a world where everyone has the same level of gratitude for everybody – how wonderful this could be. For this reason, a man who has values always stands out.


No matter how imperfect and chaotic the world is, always find the good in every person and situation. When you start thinking like this, your whole perspective in life can change positively. Start lifting each other up by respecting and valuing each other.

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