Age Range Differences in Adoption

There are many ways to have a family. For some people, it consists of a happy couple, while for others it consists of siblings and parents. Some people are content to live alone or with a spouse without any children, while others want to enjoy the experience of raising a family either by themselves or with a partner. In fact, in many places, a single person is just as eligible to adopt as a couple.

There are many things to consider during the planning process. The desired age range, race and gender will all factor into the ease, length and expense of the procedure. Minority, special needs and older children usually wait longer for families than Caucasian babies and toddlers.


Many prospective parents look for available newborn babies. Because they are the most popular choice, they are adopted quickly after birth. The wait times for prospective parents can be quite long. It is not uncommon for the wait to be over a year and can be as long as six or seven years. Babies are usually not available from the foster care system, so many parents use services instead. The use of an agency or an adoption facilitating service can be helpful for people wanting an infant.


Toddlers without special needs are generally adopted quickly, especially compared to older children. Because so many people desire toddlers, the wait time for parents can be several years. Many people who decide that they do not want a newborn select a toddler instead. The wait varies depending on the exact age, race, and medical needs involved.

Older Children

There is a large number of older children waiting for homes. On average children aged eight and older have to wait the longest amount of time before being placed with a family. One of the factors in the long wait time is that many of the older children have siblings. Occasionally they are distributed to multiple homes, although it is considered best to adopt siblings as a unit. Although a majority of people do not choose an older child, it is very rewarding for those who are willing to do so.

Adoption is a fantastic option for people looking to start or expand a family. Providing a loving home to a child or children in need is an enriching experience. Although it may take time to become approved and then be matched with a child, it is certainly worth it.

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