Best Method of Keeping Flies Away Throughout the Year

Flies and other insects are generally considered to be an issue in the warmer months. As spring turns to summer you’ll find an abundance of them buzzing around your yard and in and out of your home.

It’s annoying, especially when you watch them and can’t keep track of them. It should also be concerning as flies carry a variety of diseases. They can pass them to you when they ‘bite’ you, or by leaving their faeces on the surfaces that you touch, and where you prepare food. 

In short, you don’t want them in your home and, if you have a lot of them, you’re going to one to contact the exterminators and get them to eliminate the issue.

But, you can’t just tackle them in the spring. Flies are present throughout the year. They are generally dormant in the cooler months but they may be living in nooks and crannies around your home. If your place is warm enough they’ll emerge.

That’s why you need to take steps to keep them away throughout the year.

Eliminate Food Supply

The main reason flies visit your home is because they are attracted to food. You’re going to need to eliminate their food supply to help keep them away.

Flies eat almost anything, which means the food you leave on the side, the crumbs on the floor, and even left out pet food, are all fair game. 

Pick up the pet food, clean the sides regularly with anti-bacterial spray, and vacuum the floors. 

It can also help to keep open food packets in sealed containers. 

Check Your Rubbish

It may seem like rubbish to you but to a fly, it could be a meal that will last for weeks. You need to keep all rubbish inside a bag inside a bin, depriving the flies of access. The same is true when you take the rubbish outside for collection, it needs to be kept in a sealed bin.

Don’t forget to clean the bin when it is empty, this will help to avoid attracting the flies. 

Get Your Place Checked

It’s a good idea to get your local pest control specialists to inspect your home every year. They will find evidence of an infestation, whether it’s flies or termites. This will allow you to deal with them before they all start emerging again or cause too much damage to your home. 

Yellow Light Bulbs

You can use ultraviolet lights with electrical currents that attract flies and kill them. It’s effective but actually draws the flies to your home. In contrast, you can use yellow light bulbs to repel the flies. 

Naturally, you can’t surround your home with yellow light bulbs. But, you can use them in critical areas, such as entrance points and even outside entertaining areas. 

Add some citronella candles to the areas and you will go a long way toward repelling the flies and allowing yourself to enjoy your home and yard.

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