Covered Deck Ideas and Designs from Your Deck Contractors this Year

If you have been dreaming of alfresco living, this year is the right time to treat your home exterior and make it part of your living space. The interior industry abounds with structural elements that can potentially improve the outdoors and make them more functional. Getting the help of deck contractors near you will help transform your outside space into something more accessible and convenient for your family. 

This year, the top covered deck designs incorporate elements that were available in the industry but use them to add practical purpose and an aesthetical appeal to your outdoors. A well-designed patio combines built-in features with architectural elements that make your space stand out.

Enjoy the Modernist Sensibility of a Modern Deck

Modern decks are making a big scene this year with spacious areas for entertainment. This design is more commonly devoid of all the extra structural elements but highlights a clean and subtle illumination. 

A modern design can be outfitted with an awning or an automated louvered patio cover for a sensible touch. It can be an extension of your house’s interior to reflect its design. 

A grassy lawn can highlight both your interior and exterior, giving your property a streamlined and continued space from the inside out. 

A Slightly Rustic and Greyed-out Hardwood-framed Pergola 

Going natural is one of the highlights this year as more and more homeowners opt for natural hardwood elements. A slightly rustic hue and greyed-out hardwood deck bring the countryside elements to your outdoor space and compliments the surrounding area.

Your roofing can feature a thatch-style tropical look to transform your outsides with a warm and sunny combination of elements. It brings a beach vibe atmosphere that can be both relaxing and heart-warming at the same time. 

An Envisioned Space that Matches Asymmetrical Elements

Engaging the help of deck contractors has always been important when opting for a particular look for your deck because they can create the exact specification of what you envision. One highly attractive deck design this year is the use of asymmetrical elements like an architectural wood treillage combined with border greens. 

The plants soften the whole environment while the asymmetrical trellis provides the right emphasis to frame the entire surrounding area. This type of design is better used for industrial neighborhoods with high-rise structures behind the backdrop of your outdoor space.

Acquire the Simplicity of a Zen-inspired Space

The modern minimalistic art of exterior design manifests itself with a Zen-inspired patio space. This type of design adds an element of privacy to your outdoor space without the nuisances of overcrowding elements. 

A zen space incorporates little touches and focuses on the overall structure. Using the combination slate chipping stones, pressure-treated pine wood, and customized screens create this unique and straightforward look guaranteed to provide you with an intimate private outdoor space.  


Enhancing your outdoor space overshadows the covered deck cost because of its functionality and ability to showcase your outdoor lawn. Nonetheless, having your patio reconstructed with a better outdoor covering brings an extra element that increases its market value. 

Consider getting help from a qualified deck contractor in your area to preserve the quality of your architecture and enhance the overall aesthetics of your property.


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