Creating a Yard That Children Will Love

Having a backyard that is kid-friendly will be enjoyed by the entire family. Whether you have young children or grandchildren, there are times they want to play outside. Here are some ideas to consider including in your yard.

Sports Area

Include a large grassy area where you can play baseball, kickball, volleyball or just run and play with the children. All ages can participate in Bocce, croquet, frisbee and other outdoor games. Basketball will require a concrete area and a backstop with the hoop. 


Children will spend hours pretending to make dinner and practicing their social skills in their own playhouse. This can be an actual small home that you have constructed, or it can be a portable teepee or tent. Children love to create their own fort using sheets, blankets and some outdoor tables. 

Mud Kitchen

Do you remember making mud meatballs and then rolling them in yellow dandelion petals? The children in your life will love playing in the mud just as much as you did. You can keep it contained by using an old kitchen sink, metal tub or a large plastic bin. Keep the mud kitchen near the hose for easy cleanup.


All ages enjoy the feeling of flying as they jump on a trampoline. Just like you keep cleaning products and medicines out of reach on the inside of your house, you want to make sure children are also protected while outside. Don’t forget to include trampoline enclosure accessories so tricks and stunts will stay contained in a safe area. 

Water Play

Running through the sprinklers and splashing in a kiddie pool can be so refreshing on a summer afternoon. You can also set up a portable water table by using PVC pipes. Children can stand up and play with water activities that help with their development and coordination skills. They will pour water back and forth from one cup to another for the longest time! 


Having a built-in fire pit and an area to pitch a tent can turn your backyard into your own campsite. Imagine roasting s’mores and telling stories, and then sleeping outdoors — closeby your own bathroom facilities. The best of both worlds!


If you don’t live near a beach where children can easily access the sand, create a sand area in your own yard. With some buckets, shovels, trucks and sticks, the kids will create everything from airports to jungles. Cover the sandbox each evening to keep the sand as clean as possible. 

You won’t regret the investment of your time and money — these activities can be enjoyed over and over for years to come.

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