Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Grant Writer?

You’ve been there. You know you have. Late at night on the internet, wondering how to fund your next purchase from the e cig store. What skills can you parley into an actual job? You’re good at writing; maybe you even have a degree in English. Your friends all say you tell a good story. Maybe you should consider a career as a grant writer.

Clear and Creative Communication

Grant writers are essentially storytellers with a purpose. Most storytellers are simply entertainers, but grant writers need to make a connection between the organization or company they are working for and the group that is handing out the cash. This takes subtlety and an understanding of human nature. You need to be able to communicate the group’s need without making them sound desperate. It takes spot-on abilities of argument.

Excellent Research Skills

The work of a grant writer relies on the ability to find funding for their employer, and this means research. You need to know how to find groups that are offering money and contact them. This takes knowledge of research techniques and computer skills.

Organizational Ability

Deadlines are key when it comes to applying for grants. If you miss a deadline, you are toast. Being able to organize your research and writing schedule in order to be able to get everything turned in on time is a crucial skill for a grant writer.

Detail Orientation

Grants can be denied for something as simple as a typo or not following directions regarding the punctuation of the application. Granting organizations are literally looking for reasons to turn you down because they have a very tough choice ahead of them. Winnowing down all of those great-looking applications is hard, and when you give them a reason to turn you down, well, you just did their job for them.

A Matter of Degrees

What kind of education does a grant writer need? English is a great degree to have, of course. Other possibilities are communications, journalism or business. A minor in psychology is a useful effort, too. As with so many other things, landing a job as a grant writer involves experience as much as formal education. Many grant writers get their initial experience while they are still in school because many university professors apply for grants to fund research

If you are a natural-born storyteller and an organized person, consider a career as a grant writer. It could be the perfect career for you.

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