FAQs About i-Ready

We have entered the age of online learning. Now families are seeing first hand how programs like  i-Ready support distance learning. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about this program.

What Is It?

i-Ready is a program that starts with a diagnostic test to evaluate your child’s needs. This is a personalized test that will adjust as your child answers each question to determine each student’s skill and level. .

After taking this exam, your child will be given personalized instruction to teach them at an appropriate pace. This instruction consists of fun and interactive lessons that keep your child interested in the materials.

How Does It Work?

After the assessment, your child’s teacher will review the data with the student, set goals, and plan personalized instruction.  can also monitor your child’s progress and offer support when needed. There will also be online lessons available for your child in any area they need.

How Can You Support Your Child?

Be sure to tell your child that this program is there to help them.. It is also essential that you encourage your child to try their best in each lesson and quiz. They should spend time thinking about each of the questions before they click on an answer. Additionally, you can encourage your child to use the helpful features at the bottom of the screen. If you feel like you need other ways to support your child, speak to their teacher for advice.

How Does a Child Log In?

If your school offers a distance education portal to log into the i-Ready program, you should go here and use the provided credentials. If there is no portal, you would go directly to the i-Ready website and log in using the supplied credentials.

Can They Use an iPad?

i-Ready offers an app for iPads. You must have an Apple device that is compatible with iOS 13 or newer for this app to work correctly. Once you have downloaded the app, you can open the internet browser, enter your school’s portal, and log in or you can log in directly to the app.If your child’s school uses the program Clever, be sure to download the Clever app. From here, you can access i-Ready using your provided credentials.

How Can You Help Them Prepare for a Test?

You can help your child be successful on the  i-Ready test, by making sure they get enough sleep the night before and eating a good breakfast. Encourage them to take their time on the test rather than rushing through. Prepare  them that they will not get all of the questions correct and that it is okay not to know the answer to something. You can also remind them to use paper and pencil when they are on the i-Ready math portion to figure out and check their answers. If they are testing in person rather than through distance learning, remind them to be respectful of their peers if they finish early.

The i-Ready program is designed to support your child’s distance learning. Familiarizing yourself with the program is a great way to help your child and make sure they get the most out of their education.

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