Gift Guide for Guys Who Love to Gamble

Millions of us love the thrill and excitement that gambling brings, whether that be at an online casino or in person around a roulette wheel.

Luckily, there are some great casino lover gift ideas for the many Canadians who love to indulge, whether that be your partner, your boss or just a good friend. 

Our writer Michelle Thomas knows a lot about online casinos. You can find her intriguing work right here, but now let’s talk gifts!

Best Gifts for a Gambler

Canada has been forced into lockdowns during 2020, but many people during this time have discovered a love of gambling. Here are some of the best games available to buy for the gambling lover.


Naturally, there has been a rise in the popularity of online gaming in Canada, like JackpotCity casino, this year, as there has around the world, but nothing beats a good old board game so why not get one with a gambling theme?

Casinopoly manages to feature all of the world’s best-loved casino games in an interactive way. Players can get caught up in games of craps, blackjack and roulette while it is also one of the best gifts for slot machine lovers as they are featured too.

If you’re looking for a bit of fun to break up the lockdown boredom or think you know someone who wants to organize a fun casino night, you could do worse than Casinopoly.

Slot Machine Piggy Bank

Is someone you know missing the casino? Never fear, the slot machine piggy bank is here! With these fantastic little gifts, you can spin the reels for fun while all the time saving your spare change for a rainy day.

Slot machine piggy banks take the look of an old-fashioned, 3-reel slot game with real functions but instead of paying out huge jackpots, they simply allow you to squirrel away some extra money that you may even want to take with you to the casino the next time you go for real.

A Light-Up ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ Sign

OK, it’s corny. But the ‘Fabulous’ Las Vegas sign is a huge visitor attraction for thousands of travelling Canadians in reality and now you can buy one for the home of that gambling lover you know.

A 13-inch high version of the sign goes perfectly in a den, a fun office or even a makeshift home bar. They are backlit with LED lights and are a great mini replica of one of the most iconic signs anywhere in the world, and certainly in the gambling world.

A Trip to a Vegas Hotel

We’ve saved the best (and most expensive) until last. If you love someone enough to spend a few thousand dollars on them, then booking that special person a trip to Las Vegas to stay in a world-class hotel and casino if the perfect gift.

Whether you live close enough to book an overnighter, or whether you stay for the whole weekend in Sin City, a gambling trip to the Mecca of the industry is just about the dream present.

One thing we would recommend is simply to book the trip – not to provide the stake money! Nevertheless, handing someone a ticket to Las Vegas to stay in the MGM Grand, the Bellagio or the Venetian would top any other gift from any other Christmas for sure.


There are casino-related gifts for gambling lovers to suit every budget, so get searching!

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