How to Get Hold of an H-1B Foreign Worker Visa the Fastest?

Similar to many other competent individuals, to fulfill your dream of working with a reputed company in the United States, the most important thing to get hold of is the H-1B visa. With one such non-immigrant visa, you get permission to pursue a job in the US in specialty positions. The H-1B worker visa’s enormous popularity is mainly because of its key aspects such as portability, flexibility, and minimal requirements. 

The H-1B visa petition filing procedure is notably different from other visas. You should know that the US immigration law is very complicated and beyond a layman’s understanding. Therefore, most H-1B worker visa applicants seek advice and assistance from a professional Dallas H-1B Visa Attorney before filing the petition. 

Here are the result-driven tips for obtaining an H-1B visa successfully in a quick time. 


File a Petition Immediately after the Window Opens

You will regret it later if you procrastinate instead of filing your petition for an H-1B foreign worker visa. It is recommended to file your temporary work visa application when the window opens on the first date of April. 


Try to File Your Visa Application with Several Employers

Know that it is possible to file your H-1B visa application with multiple companies or employers and pursue a part-time job. Doing this can facilitate you to drive quick approval and get your hands on an H-1B visa. Also, post the improvement of your foreign worker visa petition; you can successfully transfer your employment. 


Submit Evidence to Prove Your Employer Can Pay the Deserving Salary

Make sure that aside from mentioning in your petition, you also submit adequate evidence to demonstrate that your employer can pay the prevailing wage to you. You will certainly be able to increase the chances of driving the approval and obtain the H-1B visa quickly if you provide a bank or tax statement while filing a petition. One such document corroborates an employer’s capability to pay the prevailing remuneration to a foreign worker. Your best bet can be reading through valuable resources like to make sure that you don’t miss any documents required for your H-1B visa application. 


Check Sections Containing Mail IDs and Your Signature More Than Once

Even a slight mistake can prevent you from obtaining an H-1B worker visa. Hence, while filing your petition, ensure that you include all vital information correctly and check it more than once. You should review the sections containing mail addresses and your signatures at least twice to ensure they are correct. 


Resort to a Proficient Immigration Lawyer to Review the Paperwork

Without sound knowledge about immigration law, if you try to complete the paperwork all by yourself, chances are higher for you to make errors. Know that to ensure there isn’t any mistake in your application and have enough peace of mind, it is better to have an expert attorney beside you. A well-versed lawyer can review the paperwork and make sure that you get your hands on an H-1B visa quickly.


You will reap a plethora of advantages aside from obtaining your work visa in a quick time if you reach out to an expert attorney with a specialization in immigration law. Also, make sure that you follow all the aforementioned tips to increase the possibility of quick visa approval.


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