Important Things You Need to Know About Laminate Flooring

If you are looking to floor your home, then chances are you are considering all the options available to you. One flooring you must have heard of is laminate flooring. 

But, you can’t just jump in and get a laminate flooring without first finding out the important things about it. Before you furnish your home with this piece, it is important to know some basic things about it. 

Therefore, in this read, we will be discussing some important things that anyone has to know about laminate flooring. We will start from the very beginning. 

Laminate Flooring – WhatExactly is it?

Laminate flooring refers to any type of flooring that was made using a process known as lamination. This process involves putting together several layers of material to produce a product. You can visit to learn more about lamination. 

Hence, laminate floorings are often multi-layered flooring materials that are designed to look like several natural materials like tile, stone, and wood. Several layers are pressed together in an operation using high pressure and temperature. 


Products like these are usually very durable. The product would often offer great resistance to impact and heavy furniture can be placed on it without it getting dented. The surface is protected by the top layer so it is well protected from fading and scratching. This makes it a perfect fit for rooms where traffic is high or for households with pets. 

Furthermore, they are water-resistant, however, this doesn’t mean that they are waterproof. There won’t be an issue if a liquid is spilled on the product. Yet, the liquid would have to be cleaned off immediately. 

This is because the flooring although water-resistant can still get water damaged if water gets into its seams and penetrate the flooring’s lower layers. One way to prevent this is to use silicon treatment to seal the joints. 

Most manufacturers would often offer between 10 to even 25 years of warranty on the product. 


When it comes to maintenance, this product is quite low maintenance. Yet, you would need to do some basic things to ensure the floor stays in pristine condition for as long as possible. Below are some of these basic maintenance tips: 

  • Regularly clean the floors. This way, dust and dirt buildup will be avoided. You can wipe the floors, sweep using soft brooms, or even use a vacuum. For days when intense cleaning is needed, you can use a mop, mild cleaner, and warm water to clean the floor. 
  • Put soft castors and pads underneath your furniture legs. While the floor is durable, doing this will further reduce the chances of dents and scratches on the flooring. 
  • Keep dirt outside by using doormats. This would not just keep out dirt as well as other debris away from your floor but it would also reduce the chances of scuff marks on the floor. 
  • When you want to thoroughly clean your home, avoid the use of harsh cleaning products or scouring devices on the product. Doing this can cause the product’s top layer to wear down. You can also make your cleaning products by yourself at home. This way, you would be sure of what your cleaning agent contains. You can click here to learn how to DIY 8 wonderful home cleaners. 
  • When you need to move furniture, lift them instead of dragging or pushing them. 
  • If anything spills on your floor, ensure to clean it off immediately. Also, when cleaning, use a little amount of water. The floor’s boards can get swollen and the top layer may begin to peel and then separate if water gets into the floor layers. 

Important Things You Need to Know About Laminate Flooring

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring

Below are some of the major pros and cons of laminate floors:


1. Affordability

One major advantage of this product is its affordability. Most people love the natural looks parquet floors offer but oftentimes cannot afford them. However, with laminate floorings that can be designed to look natural, people can get this coveted look without having to spend too much money. 

2. Low Maintenance

As we have said, this product is low maintenance and we have its tight locking system to thank for this. Due to this, dirt, dust, and other debris do not easily stick on the floor’s surface. Hence, it is quite easy to clean the floor by wiping, sweeping, or vacuuming it. 

3. Durability 

The product is quite durable since its top layer is extra-strong. Hence, its resistance to stains, scratches, and scuffs is quite high. 

4. Installation is Easy

Installing the product is also very easy and you can even DIY it. The flooring often comes as simple click tiles so the person installing it can piece them together easily. 


1. The Material Isn’t Authentic 

Laminate floorings may be made using wood, yet, they are still replicative materials. Therefore, sometimes, a laminate floor may appear fake when you compare it to the material it is trying to imitate. 

2. You can’t refinish it 

When wood flooring gets worn out or damaged, it can simply be sanded down and then refinished. This isn’t possible with laminate because it is thinner when compared to wood. So, if the surface layer ever gets worn out or damaged, the product will become condemned. 

3. Can Suffer Water Damage 

Underneath the floor’s resin-coated surface layer, this product has a wood-chip layer. This means the floor can potentially get water damaged.

4. Repair is Difficult

While laminate flooring is quite durable, when it eventually gets damaged, repair may be difficult. Let us assume a plank surface gets damaged, you can use a particular toolkit to repair it. However, if the plank has to be changed because the damage is not repairable, the entire floor would have to be removed and then replaced. 


Laminate floors are a great flooring option that offers so many advantages from durability to affordability and so on. But, before you get this product in your home, you need to be well aware of the basic things which have been discussed in this article. Look for a good laminate flooring Bellevue company to give your floor a new style.

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