“Let’s Play” YouTube Channels You Should Check Out

“Let’s Play” videos are a fun, immersive way for a viewer to experience a videogame without having to actually play. LP videos are great for people who need to multitask while they are watching, or for those who may struggle with certain gameplay mechanics due to limitations such as a physical disability. Since the first LP was released in 2007, more and more gamers have attempted to make use of this type of platform. From the tried and true channels to those that may not have had their moment in the spotlight just yet, here are some of the best.

Game Grumps

When you think of LP channels, Game Grumps is probably one of the first channels that come to mind. Although the series has seen several hosts, it is currently led by voice actor and animator, Arin Hanson, and musician, Dan Avidan. The two (and sometimes one or more guests) provide goofy commentary while playing various types of video games. In addition to the content on their channel, the Grumps have also published two of their own videogames, as well as a young adult novel. 

Monster Factory

Justin and Griffin Mcelroy (most famous for their podcast, My Brother, My Brother and Me that they record with their brother Travis) know all too well that sometimes the most fun part of a videogame is the character creator. In their series called “Monster Factory,” the brothers make it it a goal to create some hideous, albeit memorable characters and then test them out in the actual gameplay. While not exactly practical, there is no shortage of entertainment in discovering the boys’ latest monstrosity.

Stephen & Mal

A subset of the channel “stephenplays,” Stephen & Mal consist of husband and wife duo Stephen and Mallory Georg play all kinds of games together, either competing, taking turns, or instructing one another on how to play each game. The two of them met on starman.net, a website that centers around the Supernintendo game “Earthbound.” True to their origins, the couple still enjoys playing games together. For anyone looking for a couple that is equally adorable and skilled at games, Stephen & Mal is a great pick.


Another classic LP channel, Markiplier (Mark Fischbach) is known mostly for his playthroughs of indie horror games. Although he had originally intended for his channel to center around sketch comedy, he began to focus more on LP videos. His coverage of the game Five Nights At Freddy’s in particular gained him a huge following. In addition to his youtube channel, he has also appeared in his own line of comics and voiced a character in Cartoon Network’s “Villainous.”

Not everyone has the time in their lives to devote to playing all the video games that they want. Luckily, LP-ers are out there making great content for others to enjoy. So next time you’re working on a project, finishing up homework, or trying to fall asleep, why not go to youtube and search for one of these LP series to help you pass the time?

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