Normal vs. Treated Shower Doors – Which One Is the Best?

A shower in the bathroom is one of the most integral parts of any bathroom. Adding artistic and modern style of the showers will add extra property value to your bathroom location. Apart from the shower timeline, installing the shower doors is also an essential element to make your bathroom look impressive and attractive.

In the modern bathroom renovation, shower doors are divided into two main categories, such as normal and treated shower doors. Do you want to know which one is best for your home bathroom? Let’s have a comprehensive discussion about the difference between normal and treated shower doors:

The Material of Normal Vs Treated Shower Doors

Both of these shower doors are made from tempered form of glass material. This makes it much easier for the homeowner to clean it and maintain it. The material is concerned; normal shower doors are made from a thinner form of glass material. This is probably because the frame is supporting the entire door. The frame is made from the material of aluminum and can often be powder coated in different colors or finishes.

On the contrary, treated shower doors are made from the same glass texture, but they are a little bit thick in pane material. This is because it does not contain any supporting frame in it. The whole glass is set with the clips along with door pulls and with some hinges.

Style of Normal vs. Treated Shower Doors

Both normal, as well as treated shower doors, are available in different options and styles. You can pick the one according to your requirements and needs. You can get it in the fusion outlook appearance of patterned, frosted or in bronzed style. One of the significant differences in their style comes into the configuration inside the enclosure.

Normal shower doors are somehow limited in what the doors can perform. They are available in the sliding door variation where the door usually is sliding on top of the track. On the other side, treated shower doors are generally open with the French form of opening that is based on two doors on both sides. It is mostly available in different kinds of varieties for the sake of bringing diverse stationery along with the movement of panels.

Hence, all in all, in terms of the style, both of these doors are best in providing a fantastic view of the shower. Being heavy in the metal edging, the normal shower doors are much traditional and being formal in the whole appearance. But the treated shower doors are much contemporary. Here are the Pros and Cons of treated and Normal Shower doors.

Pros of Using Normal Shower Doors

  • They are quite a lot friendly in the budget.
  • They are completely sealed.
  • They are available in different styles.
  • There are also available in the form of sliding doors.
  • They can be easily installed.

Cons of Normal Shower Doors

  • It has the aluminum framing that might get corroded.
  • It is not so much attractive looking.
  • It is a little bit daunting to keep it clean.
  • It may shatter

Pros of Installing Treated Shower Doors

  • It is available in so many custom styles.
  • It is settled with minimal appearance
  • It is much easier in cleaning and maintenance.
  • It has plenty of glass options.

Cons of Installing Treated Shower Doors

  • It is most often much more susceptible to the condition of water leaking
  • It may shatter

Cost of Normal vs. Treated Shower Doors

Now let us highlight the differences between these two shower doors in terms of costs. Well, on the basis of the designs, styles and color variations, they are different from one another in terms of the prices. Most of the time, the bathroom doors are completely configured out, so it is much trickier to signify their actual cost! If you are choosing any custom door style, then it will be an increase in both materials as well as the cost of installation.

As we talk about the normal shower doors, they are available at a cost of around $200 and end with a price of $300. Installation cost will be running from $100 that is around $300 to a maximum of $400. On the other side, the treated shower doors are available at a cost of around $600 and ending with the cost of $800. Installation cost will be running from $100 that is around $900 to a maximum of $1,200.

The Lifespan of Normal Vs Treated Shower Doors

Lastly, we have a difference in view with the life span. Normal shower doors will most likely be collecting the bacteria deposits because it is made from the material of aluminum. Powder coating on the top will let the door to stay with you for long years. In the same way, the life span of treated shower doors is around 20-30 years’ maximum.

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