Picking Between the KFC Big Box Meals

Whenever I get to a KFC when I’m hungry, the Big Box Meals is always one option I think about. It’s just that idea of a “big box” of goodies which already helps to quell the hunger. You already know in advance that you won’t end up unsatisfied. 

With what you get from these 9-dollar Big Box Meals, the value for money is terrific. It’s not a hard decision to get one for yourself when you’re feeling a bit peckish, as our British cousins might say. But picking from the 3 different options may be a bit more challenging, since they all seem so great. 

The 3-Piece Chicken Box

This is the cheapest of the bunch at an average cost of about $9.11. But that’s not really saying much, since the most expensive Big Box Meal cost only an extra 28¢. The cost isn’t really much of a factor. 

For your money, you get:

  • 3 pieces of chicken available in Original Recipe®, Extra Crispy™, or Kentucky Grilled®
  • 2 sides of your choice
  • a biscuit
  • a medium drink

So, which type of chicken should you go for? Many say that the Original Recipe is always the best, although some of that may be about the nostalgia factor. Still, it remains popular for all these years for good reasons. It’s hand-breaded, and seasoned with that renowned blend of eleven herbs and spices. You just can’t go wrong with this classic. 

With the Extra Crispy, the chicken pieces are double-breaded. If the breading is your favorite part of the chicken, this may be ideal for you. The tender filling matches nicely with the breading, and everything’s alright with the world. 

The Kentucky Grilled is different, since it’s obviously not fried. It’s been grilled, and you can usually find the grill marks as proof. It’s one choice you can go for if you still insist on going “healthy” (as if you can go healthy in a fast-food joint). 

Still, the taste is great enough that it’s also a bestseller. It’s been marinated and seasoned to perfection, and it’s a nice break from all the fried food you’ve been enjoying lately. 

Crispy Colonel Box

This is a bit pricier, though you only pay about 11¢ more compared to the 3-piece chicken Big Box Meal. You get:

  • A Crispy Colonel Sandwich available in Extra Crispy, Georgia Gold, or Nashville Hot, 
  • 2 sides of your choice
  • a biscuit
  • small popcorn nuggets
  • a medium drink 

The Extra Crispy sandwich is a verified bestseller, with the mayonnaise and pickles inside doing their jobs to pull things together. Quite a lot of people say that it’s the best item on the KFC menu. 

With the Georgia Gold, you have the crispy exterior, with the honey mustard chicken on the inside. It’s the classic sweet and savory combo that many folks enjoy, along with the traditional inclusion of the mayonnaise and pickles. 

Or, you can go with the Nashville Hot if you want bit more spice in your life (and your meal). If you can handle the tabasco kick, then you’re okay. 

There’s the small popcorn nuggets here as well, which you don’t get with the other options. It’s basically just breading, with a bit of white meat inside. Try it with the BBQ dipping sauce, and it really zings. 

5-Piece Tenders

This Big Box Meal comes with:

  • 5 Extra Crispy™ Tenders
  • 2 sides of your choice
  • a biscuit
  • 2 dipping sauces
  • a medium drink

Lots of people tend to think about the Extra Crispy Tenders as a great snack. But with 5 of them (along with the sides and biscuit), you do get enough for an actual meal. 

You get the marinated white meat that’s been breaded by hand, and then fried to utter perfection. But it’s not complete without the sauce, and you can pick 2 dipping sauces. 

But which dipping sauces should you go for? You can always go for the classic KFC sauce, which is basically a mix of the usual ketchup, mayo, and sweet mustard. 

The honey mustard is another option, if you’re hankering for that honey taste. It’s quite unmistakable. 

For some Southern sweetness, go with the barbecue sauce. The ranch is also a solid option, and the sour taste can go with the tenders just right. 

Final Words

You might be asking about which sides you ought to get. You already have a biscuit for each option, so that may be a bit redundant. But if you’re a hardcore biscuit fan, then you may get more. They’re crispy on the outside and cakey on the inside, and even the smell alone can get you going. 

Still, just for the mac and cheese along with some fries. Get all the 4 sauces as well, so you can use the fries to try each of them out. These are all solid options, just like the KFC Big Box Meals. 

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