Self-Care In The New Normal- How Busy Moms Can Cope Up

The Covid-19 pandemic brought in new challenges for people last year. Accepting the sudden change was a challenge for everyone. But busy moms were probably the worst affected, and they are still coping with the ongoing problems. For them, taking care of the kids and other family members is more complicated than ever. Balancing WFH with the household chores is enough to take a toll, and self-care has taken a backseat. If you are going through the ordeal, you need to move a step ahead of the self-care routine. Here are the measures that can help.


Invest in me-time every morning


Alone time goes a long way in supporting self-care. If you are a busy mom, the best thing to do is to wake up early to spend some me-time. Start the day with a cup of coffee, exercise, and quiet time. A peaceful beginning can help you remain energized throughout the day. You can even make a scheduler and plan out the tasks accordingly. It will save a lot of precious time for you.


Get moving with a regular schedule


A daily workout schedule can do wonders for your self-care regimen. Get moving in the morning because it is challenging to find time throughout the day. After a good workout, you will feel fresh and can complete your chores productively. Pick activities you enjoy, and you will love to exercise. Also, embrace simple ways to stay active throughout the day. For example, walk to the market to buy groceries and take the stairs instead of the lift.


Indulge in cannabis for good sleep


Sound sleep is an integral element of any self-care initiative. Missing out on it can make you lethargic and stressed. Cannabis can help you get a good sleep so that you wake up energetic and refreshed. Try vaping or smoking for fast and effective results. Invest in a sleep-inducing strain and pick a hammer bubbler to get started. The device is ideal for beginners who need one with a simple learning curve. Have a discreet session at bedtime, and you can have a restful night.


Meditate when you feel stressed


Self-care also includes a half an hour meditation session in the morning. Meditation is the best remedy to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Make it a habit and see a big difference in your lifestyle. You can check meditation videos online to practice yoga and other breathing exercises. Try it throughout the day when you feel stressed, and you will experience instant relief.


Follow a detox routine

If you want to remain refreshed and energized, follow a detox routine. You can start by drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice followed by lemon juice. Steer clear of sugar and alcohol, and switch to a healthy and nutritious diet. Moreover, taking supplements and herbs will also help you to remain healthy from within. Also, limit the intake of caffeine to be in the best of health.


It is natural to feel stressed due to a hectic lifestyle. Handling and balancing multiple chores becomes difficult, but you have to bear your mommy duties. Focusing on self-care can restore balance and take you a step closer to healthy living and happy parenting!

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