Tips for Starting a Blog

Starting a blog is one of the questions that are frequently asked by web developers and marketers. This is because it is a very quick process and does not involve much investment at all.  Just follow these simple steps and you’re ready to create a blog.

Pick a Name

Pick a blog name, or just use your name, like Basil Mahadeo Medium. Your blog name should tell people what to expect on your page. It should also be easy to spell and easier for someone to remember. Pick a domain name that describes what your page is all about. Make sure your domain name is easy to spell and remember as this will help you with traffic. As a general rule, choose a blog name that is three words long, although you don’t need to be too specific. Try to include one to two keywords in the title of the blog as well, because search engines will take these keywords into account when ranking your page.

Create a Home Page

Create a home page. Your home page should have two to three static pages, one for each type of visitor you have. For instance, if you only have visitors who are looking for blogging tips you would have a home page with information about blogging tips, another with current blogging news and another with your most recent blog entries.

Monetize Your Page

Monetize your page. Creating different kinds of blog content will greatly increase your earnings as well. Sell your own products such as graphics, wallpaper, software and other services on your blog or affiliate marketing programs that allow you to advertise your products on your blog pages. You can also monetize your existing blog content by selling ad space to companies or other blogs that are related to your topic.

Add Social Media

Start adding social media sharing buttons. Blogs these days have access to many different social media options, such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Flickr, and StumbleUpon. Some bloggers even use their blogs as mini-profiles in their social media profiles. Make sure your website can take advantage of these blogging tools so that you can encourage more visitors to visit your website.

Use Good Titles

Create a search-engine-friendly title and meta description. Search engines are now very particular about how they rank web pages. If your site isn’t ranked highly for a particular keyword, your entire blog may be skipped or redirected to other content. So how do you make sure your blog will get found? Add a title and meta description that will get readers to click on your links. These descriptions will also help the search engine optimize your blog.

Build a Website

Build a responsive website. After choosing a host and creating a blog, you need to take care of how your site looks. It’s vital that your website looks good both to visitors to your site and to other bloggers who may be interested in featuring content on their websites. 

These tips will help you get started, but it’s up to you to keep up the regular writing.

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