Will Heat Cause Granite Countertops to Chip or Crack?

Granite countertops are one of the top options for homeowners thanks to their beauty and durability. These factors make the purchase price and cost of countertop installation well worth the investment. However, some homeowners worry about whether or not that investment will be impacted by too much heat. And it’s not uncommon to hear people ask whether their granite countertops will chip or crack. This quick guide can help you understand why you have nothing to worry about.

How Granite Is Formed

Granite’s durability comes from its basic composition. This stone is formed from cooled lava. Lava can easily exceed 1,300 degrees – sometimes going as high as 2,200 degrees. This means that granite is able to withstand pretty high temperatures without trouble.

Kitchenware Temperatures

When you boil water, that water and the pot will not typically go above 212 degrees. Skillets usually cannot withstand temperatures higher than 300 degrees – and that’s pushing it with most of them. All of this leads up to one certain fact: Nothing you would normally place on your countertops is hot enough to impact granite. So in short, no, your granite countertops will not chip or crack due to any heat you might place there.

A Caveat

Everything mentioned above relates directly to the stone itself. However, there are a few other things to consider. First, your countertops are sealed. The sealant used will not necessarily stand up to the same level of heat as your countertops. Therefore, though the stone will not be damaged, the same cannot necessarily be said about the sealant. The good news, though, is that you can get them resealed if you need to.

Tips for Keeping Your Granite Countertops At Their Best

Taking care of your counters starts with choosing quality products from a reputable provider. This ensures that you start with a good foundation. Remember, it’s an investment that can outlive your home. If you start out well, it can be a one-time investment. Likewise, be sure that your countertops are professionally installed for the best results.

Also, take care when you use them. Again, your pots and pans aren’t likely to do any damage to the stone. However, if you place hot pots there often or leave them for long periods, you can affect the sealant. Although they can be resealed, you can prevent this extra expense by not applying high amounts of heat too often or for too long.

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