Winter Wedding Invites Your Whole Family Will Love

While planning and preparing for your wedding you have to have a clear picture of how you want your things to be. When you think of winter the first thing that comes to your mind is fancy logs, the crackling of the fire, snow falling from the sky, trees covered in blankets of snow, fresh pine, and all the glitz and glam that the winter season can bring. If you think about it you don’t even have to look anywhere for your winter wedding invitation card inspiration when it is all around you. In the air and in your surroundings. There is nowhere else you have to look for after you have sketched in your mind what you want. 
When you have to decide on sketching the perfect design for your winter wedding there are some common details that you cannot miss out on, some of them being adding the seasonal colors to the card. A hint of red and green or a pop of gold and silver to remind everyone of the festive season and the holiday glam that is yet to come. There are many colors on the color wheel but if these specific colors are matched with white they give a unique radiance and elegance to the card that is going to be loved by your whole family and whoever receives it. 

Holiday spirit & Winter fiesta   

Many people like to keep the holiday spirit alive in the winter season. It makes something even more special when there is some meaning behind it. As much as the Christmas spirit is kept alive during the season you can’t always opt for something close to it. Your winter wedding invitation cards can have a grey shade or white depicting the snowflakes. It’s all about creating a romantic moody tone on your card that can be done by using bold colors. 

Card styles to consider 

There are variations and designs from which you can choose how to style your winter wedding cards. It all comes down to your creativity and how much input you put into the styling process. There are minute details that are very close to the heart that you would definitely want to add to your wedding card. While designing the card some of the things that you have to keep in mind are: 

  • Keep the card simple: The key to an elegant card is keeping it simple. If you add too much detail to it then everything starts looking gaudy and eventually loses its beauty. Simplicity will make your card stand out and make it look beautiful and perfect for your winter wedding. 
  • Step into dark tones: As winter comes it brings along with it its moody vibes. These vibes are matched with dark colors. You can make your winter wedding invitation cards look classy by opting for bold colors like burgundy or black striped with gold. 
  • Minimalistic and charming: To give a contemporary twist to the winter wedding invites you can choose to go for simple colors and keep it minimalistic. As of the trends that are latest these days white goes perfectly with rustic brown or mustard. These colors complement themselves and when the whole card is made it look beautiful and is loved by everyone. 


The time and effort that goes into designing a wedding card is a lot. The only hope that you have in the end is for everything to turn out the way you want it to turn out. A touch of your elegance and creativity can help you create a card that is loved by all of your family and friends.

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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