One Wife Short of a Polygamist Cult

Before “Sister Wives” the only thing I knew about polygamy was in reference to Warren Jeffs. I thought it only fair to give the Sister Wives a chance, but assumed I’d see women with low self esteem and golden ideals.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a guy who was basically whipped by 4 intelligent women.

……..but that got me thinking…….
If the Browns are normal, what does that make the Duggars?


Sister Wives

1) Michelle’s psychopathic calm voice.

2) The Duggar girls dress quite like those from Warren Jeffs Texas polygamist compound.

3) The Duggar’s live in what looks to be a polygamist compound.

3 ½) Children are mostly isolated from the real world.

4) Jim Bob is the father of nearly 20 children.

5) Nearly 20 kids, but only 1 mother to nurture them. All children need to be nurtured, with 20 kids she doesn’t have that kind of time.

6) Boys must first approach Jim Bob before they can ‘court’ one of the Duggar girls.

1) Real people, Real emotions, Reacting realistically to their environment.

2) The Brown children pretty much wear whatever they please within reason.

3) The Browns send their children to Public School and deal with real world issues.

4) One would assume with Kody, having 4 wives, would be in the sex addict column, but Kody has fewer children than Mr. Duggar. The Browns are not a baby factory.

5) 4 moms! If Lesbian couples raise well adjusted children, adding extra moms can’t help but turn out more nurtured well adjusted children.

6) The Brown children are encouraged to make their own choices. Though the parents would like their children to enter into their life style, it in no way seems a condition of acceptance or love.

“Stereotypical Polygamy” = Jim Bob Duggar is 1 wife short of a polygamist cult.

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