Dear Governor LePage, May I suggest a guillotine alternative?


The drug trafficking problem in Maine, and elsewhere, is at an all time high. Several months back Maine’s Governor Paul LePage suggested a guillotine be used to punish drug traffickers and dealers.

Though Maine’s Governor is under pressure to reduce and if all possible eliminate the drug problem, he along with many other Governors and law enforcement may have missed a huge talent bank sitting right under their noses.

Dear Governor LePage, Governors of other States and Law Enforcement,

I understand the drug problem in Maine (and elsewhere) is reaching critical and our Gov. LePage has suggested a guillotine may be the answer.

However, you may be inadvertently overlooking skills Maine and other states desperately needs to survive. I will be quick and to the point.

Drug Traffickers / Dealers have misplaced skills which are not being, but should be, utilized to the benefit of this state and others For example…..

Drug Traffickers /Dealers:
1. Are an Excellent Sales Force.
Dealers can sell a product any time, any where, to almost any one. You may not agree with the product, but you must admit they have sales skills.

2. Have an understanding of supply and demand.
A drug not sold is profit not earned. They know that product availability and the desire of buyers for it, regulates the price of the product.

3. Know how to source products.
Dealers not only know how to sell the product, but know where to get the product.

4. Have a clear understanding of their market.
Dealers don’t carry a product they can’t move. They only hold stock that they can move quickly and efficiently.

5. Have general knowledge of drug and gun the laws
Dealers know the laws they are breaking and the consequences for their actions if they are caught. The laws are not preventing the crime even though the laws are known and understood.

6. Self starter
Dealers are entrepreneurs. They have started, designed and are profiting from their business.

7. Mad management skills
The drug business isn’t going to run itself. There are deadlines to keep, orders to fill, resales to be made, restock, and manage anyone working for them.

8. Accounting
They may not know it, but they understand profit and loss. They must have a balance sheet running through their head at all times or they will lose money.

9. Communication skills.
A buyer has a clear understand of the what they are purchasing that there are no refunds and what happens if you try to go elsewhere. No need for a receipt because there isn’t a return policy and that is understood up front.

10. The Metric System
Dealers are some of the only Americans who understand the Metric system and use it daily.

These skills are necessary if any state is to succeed. The problem is not the dealer, but the product. We can not afford to lose these folks. We need to convince and incentivize them to stay in this state and find them a more profitable (legal) product.

Clearly we need traffickers to understand that selling illegal drugs will never be as profitable as becoming a Pharmaceutical Lobbyist.

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