How to Eat an Apple

How to Eat an Apple

How to Eat an Apple

RIGHT! Apparently we’ve all been eating apples the wrong way. Really. And the video below supposedly shows you “How to Eat an Apple” correctly.

Because eating an apple in the proper manner is oh so important in life. We all remember how George Costanza changed the world by eating a snickers with a fork and knife. I mean those of us of a certain age wouldn’t think of eating a Snickers bar



How is it that Seinfeld forgot to clue us in to the proper way to eat an apple? The guy taught us the how to order soup, but not eat an apple?

Ok so back to this apple thing. Notice in the video how you don’t see the nasty core? I know he eats it, but that’s going to make me vomit – and what about the seeds? Just chow those suckers down? What’s next? Is he going to eat the COB? I wonder how he eats a pear? Blah! I think I’ll waste 30% of the apply.

Enjoy the videos!

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