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This mornings email bag produced an interesting digital letter:

I love your blog! I’m your biggest fan!

I have fans? When did that happen? Or more importantly – how did that happen?

How did a grammar deficient spelling disaster get a fan? And not just one, lately I’ve been getting loads of these emails. I’m not even a YouTube celebrity.

My biggest YouTube video contains all of 3 seconds of a rainbow cake my husband made – I just know how to use the camcorder and upload stuff to YouTube.

Sure my blog gets 10,000+ views a day, but I thought that was people stealing my stuff. But now I find out people are actually reading and doing this stuff, makes me want to … at the very least …. turn on the spell checker, may be get a few friends to proof read a post or 2.

This prompted me to check my “stats” ……… and the stats are still on low end of the scale considering my Mega Giveaway Blogging buddies who all seem to have tens of thousands of Fans and Followers and Whateverers.

FaceBook Fans: 8187
Twitter Followers: 3660 + 3506
Pinterest Whateverers: 4124

But hey! I am letting this go to my head …. until it’s time to wipe a butt, scrape the crud of the dishes or I’m used as a tissue.

……….. I smell poop!

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