Invisalign- Facts, Procedure and More

In today’s post, I will highlight everything you should know about Invisalign. 

We all know nobody loves to have discolored, gapped, or misshapen teeth. Everyone wants to have a beautiful and bright smile. For a long time, traditional braces were used to straighten teeth. However, it is considered unsightly because of the metal wires and discs. 

In recent times, straightening your teeth is simple and you don’t have to compromise your appearance for it. Invisalign is a wonderful dental procedure that will make sure you have a beautiful smile that you deserve. 

What is Invisalign?

This is a clear retainer-based correction system for your teeth. It is a process of straightening your teeth wearing the removable aligner. The best part of Invisalign is that the retainer is clear; there are no wires or brackets. This means no will know if you are wearing a retainer. 

Invisalign- The Procedure 

When it comes to the procedure of Invisalign, it starts with your first visit. The dentist will take an impression of your teeth and send them to the lab for making a digital plan for treatment. This plan will highlight the movement of your teeth. 

After that, clear aligners are designed for your teeth that will apply the right pressure on teeth to get the desired result. The dentist will always monitor your treatment. This is because to get the desired outcome, they have to make aligners fit properly. 

What Material is Used for Making Aligners?

Aligners are made from flexible plastic. Mostly, it is made using patented thermoplastic material that is specially used for Invisalign. The clear aligners contain no BPS, latex, BPA, or gluten. It is FDA approved, making them a safe option. The clear aligners are thin and will fit your teeth perfectly. Since it is made using clear plastic, it is invisible to the naked eye. 

Facts About Invisalign

Here are some facts about Invisalign that you must know. 

  • There are some cases in which Invisalign might not be an effective treatment. 
  • The treatment time is the same for straightening your teeth using Invisalign and braces. 
  • Invisalign might cost more compared to traditional braces. The laboratory fees for Invisalign is more than that of braces. 
  • Both Invisalign and braces cause the same level of discomfort. However, braces might make you a little more uncomfortable because of wires. 
  • According to My Dentist San Francisco, so far (July 2020), more than 5,000,000 patients worldwide have been treated using Invisalign. This number is increasing day by day. 
  • Unlike braces, Invisalign is removable. This gives you flexibility when it comes to drinking and eating. You can even brush and floss like you normally do. 
  • Since the clear aligners are made from thermoplastic material, it looks like teeth whitening trays. 
  • The aligners are custom made. This means they are designed specifically for your teeth. 
  • In some cases, retainers might be essential for preventing the teeth from going back to their original space. 
  • You will have to change Invisalign after every 2 weeks. 
  • To get the desired outcome, you need to wear Invisalign for 20 to 22 hours a day. 
  • Invisalign is a specialized tool for straightening your teeth. 
  • Invisalign can be used for treating various conditions like underbite, crossbite, overbite, gapped teeth, and overly crowded teeth. 
  • This dental treatment can help reduce your waistline. Whenever you take out your aligner, you will have to clean your teeth before putting it back on. So, whenever you feel like having a snack, all the hard work will prevent you from eating it. In this way, you can shed excess pounds. 
  • In Invisalign, there are no wires or brackets. This means you will not have to visit the dental office for adjustments. It will save time. 
  • Since the aligners are invisible, you will not have to hide your smile anymore. 
  • Keep an eye on what you eat. Some food items might stain your teeth and aligners as well. Food items you should avoid include coffee, tea, red wine, and tomato-based items. 
  • You must clean your aligners properly using water. 

Therefore, Invisalign is a wonderful dental procedure to achieve straight teeth. It will help get rid of extra spaces between your teeth and even help with overly crowded teeth. This is great for everyone as no one can see the aligners. 

So, do you have misshapen teeth? Do you want to have the perfect smile? Feel free to call for an appointment or more details. 

Have you or someone you know tried Invisalign? Share the experience with us in the comments!

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