Parents of Special Needs Kids – Would you go to my daughter’s IEP meeting with me?

Yesterday at my daughter’s IEP meeting I found out that 1 to 1 support was removed from her IEP in November without my consent or knowledge. The IEP meeting was in November and I remember quite clearly saying several times “….but she‘s 1 to 1…” and NO ONE said a word.

I called for a second IEP meeting which was held yesterday, it was only when I asked “Is Treasure 1 to 1?” that I was told she wasn’t – and they didn’t want to tell me.

The school system has also refused to give my a copy of my daughter’s IEP. I know, illegal, but there is no punishment for the school so they pretty much do as they wish unless you catch them in a lie.

I know I need to get advocacy groups involved even more now, and I need to start recording every meeting, but here is my question.

If your child and mine were in the same class/school, would you go with me to my child’s IEP meetings?

I know that sounds like an odd request, but if I could get the parents of 5 or 6 kids in the room every meeting, we’d all know what was going on, we’d be able to support each other and help keep the schools honest.

Of course not everyone would be a good fit, you have those parents who are a little to gunhoo, not all parents would have to go, but no parent would have to go alone.

This way within the meetings we could confer, like in court.
I could whisper in your ear “That‘s not true, they do this for my child. Do you want me to stand up and make that point.” You could say yes or no, but the best part is, the school could say nothing. They couldn’t say “well, we do this for your child because…….” They’d be stuck!

What do you think? If your child was in a class with my child, would you go to the IEP meeting with me and help me fight?

IEP meeting

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