People who have ‘Mailed Me a Dollar’ (thus far) To Shut My Sister Up!

Everyone remember the conversation between my sister and I?
Sure you do, it’s the one about people sending me money?
HERE: Mail Me a Dollar

I’m ending this at the end of the month (see bottom) BUT I had to post an update.

I received a note from 9 year old Sage and the blog is: Cupcake Frogendotz – and it’s WONDERFUL! {the note and the blog}

Sage sent Me a Dollar in hopes of getting 25 followers – 25!!
We can do this!

PLEASE Follow Sage! Ask your followers to follow Cupcake Frogendotz!

Here is the wonderful note that came with the dollar.

It’s NOT to late.
I MUST received your dollar by January 31st 2012, to get your link into my BIG “People Who Mailed Me a Dollar To Shut My Sister Up” post.
PO Box 7074
Scarborough, Maine 04070

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