Suffering from Intentional Annoyance Rage!

So many things are setup to intentionally annoy us. I’m not talking about your alarm, we do that to ourselves. I’m talking about intentional annoyances that are setup and don’t have enough options or directions that don’t have instructions.

1. FaceBook Notifications for example. Dear FaceBook, if 500 people leave a comment on my friends status update I ONLY REQUIRE 1 email notification. I don’t need one for every comment. Sure I can turn off ALL the notifications, but I want notifications – just NOT 500!

2. Ads that automatically play. I open my Chrome browser where I have about 20 tabs open and ONE of those tabs has an ad that is automatically playing. WHY Would you intentionally have ads that auto play WITH SOUND on your site? You want people to keep your website open for as long as possible, slow loading video ads just annoy people!

3. Businesses that use Gmail
Could you be more unprofessional? Real businesses have real email addresses and those email addresses use the same URL as their website. Example: [email protected]
Gmail is for people who don’t have a website, the average Joe or for personal email, NOT for your business.

4. Directions on the box
I’m making anything – the directions on the box read: lower temperature.
Lower Temperature to WHAT? I’m guessing by medium the manufacture meant 5, because there are 10 places on the dial on the stove BUT there are 1, 2, 3, and 4 between OFF and 5! So which one?

Another stupid direction: Until done or thoroughly cooked. Until done OR thoroughly cooked. If done isn’t cooked thoroughly, what is done?

5. Counterproductive directions
I recently made my first slow cooker meal.
Step #1 Do NOT open the slow cooker until meat is thoroughly cooked.
Step #15 Remove meat to check if meat is thoroughly cooked. WHAT ABOUT STEP #1!!

6. iThings and syncing
In my house, if it has a drive, it will, at some point, be used to store and/or transport files. No MP3 player, digital camera or smart phone is safe – except for the stupid iThings. Why? Because in order to get ONE File off that stupid device you must download software, setup an account, sync the thing with a computer, download every file and then upload every file again. Unlike Microsoft and Androids where you can just move 1 little file and it takes all of 15 seconds. No software need be installed, no account need be setup, just plug it in and move the file!

7. iThings lack of options
On the bottom of my Android phone (or any Android device) there are 3 touch buttons. The first is for Options, the second for Home and the third to go Back. iThings have 1 button – Home! Sometimes there is a Back option on the iThing’s screen, but other times you either have to go forward or start from the beginning.

8. No Forward Button
Almost as annoying as the iThings limited options is the Android and Windows smart devices lack of a Forward Option. It happens every day, usually 5 times or more a day. I push the back button and the phone thinks about it and I push back again and the phone then goes back 2 SCREENS!! And I say to my phone “No, I only wanted to go back 1 screen, but you were taking forever so I thought you were being like my kids and not listening so I pushed back again. Now I don’t remember what option I pushed to get where I was, but I need to go forward to that page that you skipped.“ What idiot created a Back option, but Not a FORWARD option? Ever use a web browser on a computer – it has both! And it has both for a reason!

9. Blister Packaging because it isn’t Christmas without a trip to the emergency room!
I would like to suggest a class-action lawsuit against the companies who use and the person who invented Blister Packaging. The stuff is unsafe! Just when you think you may be able to slip the item out of the demon possessed packaging you slice off a finger! If you attempt to cut from the edge one side or the other will get cut you. It’s safer to let children play with knives!

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