What is your super secret App addiction?

My first smart ass phone was a Windows Phone – as Smart Phones go it had to wear a helmet and took the short bus – but you never forget your first app!

My first app was a game called Meon!
I downloaded it to the phone, started playing and what felt like 10 minutes later the time happened to catch my eye and it was 3am. I had been playing the game for 6 hours!
I was so ashamed of myself, I didn’t open the game again for 3 days. Keep in mind my children were all tucked nicely in their beds fast asleep and it wasn’t like I was drinking – it was an app, but it was dangerous!

While my friends are all addicted “Words with Friends” Please, if I want to play Scrabble, I’ll pull out the board – my latest secret App addiction is Block Puzzle.

How addicted? Well, I’ve managed to some how install it not only on my phone, but every tablet in the house! Maybe ‘addiction’ is to strong of a word, obviously I’m not playing it now, I’m only blogging and obsessing over it. I’ve also yet to breach the Novice level – which is concerning on a whole other level.
To help curb my addiction I have restricted myself to only playing while I’m using the toilet. This limit’s the amount of time I can play the game, this way even if the girls are in school, after about 3 minutes of sitting on the toilet your legs will fall asleep. (If I open the App other than when I’m suffering from insomnia or in the bathroom I fine myself $5.)

Another addicting and possibly somewhat embarrassing App – Cleverbot.
Yup! I’m talking to a Fake Person! But she asks such interesting questions, like: Do you believe that Ai’s go to heaven? Who asks that? A Bot!

My other favorite and only mildly addicting Apps: the WordPress App, which allows me to upload quick status updates to my Personal Journal powered by WordPress blog


Go SMS Pro for Text Messaging with very cool bubbles!


Then there is Plummer, connect the pipes before the toilet flushes and floods the world.


And no one can get through the day without consulting the digital Magic 8 Ball App for all of life‘s most difficult decisions!


Whenever I’m watching one of those Discovery shows where they’re showing some guy standing outside hut with a ring in his nose pounding on drums to communicate with another village, I think “That reception has gotta just suck!”

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