When it’s OK to use “Dumb Ass” – my rant

Sure, here I am with a half written post about Teaching Children Respect – but this is just far to important to let go.

Today as I was leaving the school parking lot some Dumb Ass came flying down the street going what must have been 50 through what is normally a 35, but between the hours of 8:30 to 9:30 am and 2:45 to 3:15 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding banking holidays and vacations, it is 15 mph.

The Dumb Ass in the fake truck, what is also referred to as a Jeep, was going far to fast to make the corner where 3 little boys on bikes were riding. Not on the sidewalk mind you because there were moms with strollers, so the boys were riding respectfully beside the sidewalk

I had more then enough time to pull out and proceed at 15 mph before he could catch up to me, thinking that he would slow down when he saw someone in front of him – but the gentlemen still continued at to travel faster than the speed of sound until he came to a screeching halt behind me – I was still moving!! But he was going so fast he had to STOP! And THEN HE Honked! WE WERE IN A SCHOOL ZONE!

Look Dumb Ass, Don’t mess with a Mama driving a Bad Ass Chunky 4X4 Super Cab – Especially when that Mama breaks boards with her bare hands – For FUN! And I’m not talking wimpy boards, I break 12X12X1 inch pine – stacked.

The last car that ran into my truck had its engine block rearranged and it didn’t even dent my trailer hitch. We replaced the bumper because it got scuffed.

Now, I’ve been that Dumb Ass a time or two. Came out of the lot, thinking about what I had to do and not what I was doing.
And I want to state for the Record – If you ever catch me doing that, you are to honk, ridicule and make me feel like crap! And I’ll return the favor.

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