Cooper & Kid – Cooper Kit Subscription Box for Dads & Their Kids #cooperandkid

Cooper & Kid Subscription Box for Dads & Their Kids

Dads love spending time with their kids, and my husband is no exception to this rule. Sometimes though, it’s difficult finding the time to think up activities for them to do together, and he could use a little help. For this, the #cooperandkid is absolutely fantastic! I got one and used it as a Christmas stocking for my husband. He and our girls were thrilled! The package was stuffed full of really awesome things they could do together! I think they may have been a bit overwhelmed!

A favorite was the Curious George book. He loves to spend as much time with them as he can, so they read a lot of books together. They have enjoyed reading the Curious George book, and probably will read it again and again in the future. Also included in the kit was an MRE meal, and it was awesome! The girls had a great time making a meal with their dad and waiting for it to cook itself. They were surprised at how great it tasted too! Learning activities are always a hit at our house, so the clean water science kit was also a favorite. Also included in the kit was an activity book filled with ideas and instructions for activities. I could go on and on about how great this kit was, but you really have to see for yourself! It is a spectacular way to get dads and their kids together having fun!

The way the Cooper Kit subscription works is pretty neat. When you subscribe, they send you an initial kit filled with fun activities. Then, every three months, you will get a new kit. Each kit is unique, with its own array of items that are sure to get dads busy spending time with their kids. It was wonderful for my husband and our kids!

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