Coosh Family Portable USB Charger #usbcharger

Waking up in the morning and glancing over at my phone to see its freshly charged battery indicator puts a huge smile on my face. Unfortunately, after hitting that two o’clock grind I slowly start to notice my phone battery draining down to that inevitable 20 percent battery remaining notification. With two kids I need my phone and tablet in the afternoon to coordinate play dates, school pickups, and dinner plans for my family. With regular sport activities to keep the kids healthy and therapy in the afternoon, a draining battery also drains my ability to get things done. As many of you may know, I travel and volunteer quite often so I am forced off Wi-Fi networks and onto my data plans. While my phone searches for a signal, it also quickly heats up and drains the battery. Once everyone is back at home together, everyone has the same need to be recharged for nightly games and web browsing.

Luckily, the Coosh 4.2A 4 Port Multi-USB Family Charger is a great power bank that charges relatively fast in comparison to products. This power bank USB charges multiple devices at once, so I never run out of juice on my tablet or Smart Phone. Other users have calculated that you can charge two devices at the same time, three times over without having to recharge the Coosh Family USB Charger itself. Luckily it only weighs around 100 grams and is 72* 55* 26mm in size. To have such a large power supply, this weight and size fits the industry average and has shown to be superior in many categories. These measurements mean it can easily fit in a seat pocket in the car, or in my purse as it take it everywhere with me.

Unfortunately, if you do a lot of shopping online like I do you may have to stray away from Amazon to get your hands on one. Luckily, you can find them directly on the Coosh website shop at the market price with fair shipping and handling prices. Unlike other third party products I have not had any issues with customer support when dealing with this power bank. The team really cares about the customers and responded to questions about the product very quickly.

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