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Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze by Thinkfun is a 3 dimensional maze building puzzle updated version of the popular game Laser Maze game.   Gravity Maze is not just any marble run or logic puzzle. It’s even better considering it’s a complete, hands-on, playful open-ended Science Technology Engineering Mathematics experience. The game is used to encourage the usage of visual perception, creativity and deduction to find a single solution to 60 challenges ranging from beginner to expert. Your goal is to use the included pieces to build a structure that, once you place your metal ball in the top, allows the ball to travel to the end piece in one continuous path. I enjoy watching my kids try to figure out the correct solution without peeking on the back of the card, where the solution can be found and to see them progress from the beginner level. The look on their faces when they find they finally place the red piece (which is the final piece to the puzzle) and watch the marble zoom through the maze is priceless!

This game is recommended for ages 8 and over and as a one-player game but because of the addition of another dimension it lends it self to being played by more than one child and can help to build their team building and sharing ability. This will help them to listen to the ideas of others and together work on putting the ideas together to make the correct power. I think the Gravity Maze would be great to make it into a completion with kids in groups of two and see what different ways they can come up with to try to find the solution to the same challenge. The Gravity Maze comes with 10 pre built towers in a several sizes and colors, 3 marbles (because we know that is the first thing that will be lost) and 60 cards. The towers can be arranged in many visually stimulating structures offering lots of creative building time, but only one design will successfully carry your marble directly in your awaiting target.

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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