Paintable Outlet Cover #coverplug


Paintable Outlet Cover

Having a baby in the house involves a lot of tough tasks. No matter what happens, you will always want to keep him or her safe. Unfortunately, not all items in the house can be baby-proofed. Take electrical sockets, for instance. These are items that your baby may notice.
Being the curious type of baby, he or she will be tempted to touch it. Your baby may insert items that can put him or her in danger. But, your fears concerning your baby’s safety on electronic sockets may be eliminated by the use of CoverPlug.

CoverPlug are outlet covers that makes the electronic sockets in your house disappear with ease. This is specifically designed to ensure the safety of home outlets. This is aimed at protecting children against harm that sockets can bring. These outlet covers cover the entire wall outlets. You can do this by performing a few simple and easy installation steps. The covers are made from durable plastic material. They can be painted and be used in hiding the sockets. Once the covers are painted, they easily blend in with the walls.

CoverPlug are durable. Made from molded plastic panel that easily plugs into any standard double electrical socket. The entire grounded outlet is covered after CoverPlug is plugged in. It is securely held in place by two posts designed on the back. These posts align with the openings of the socket. And removing the cover is easy, you won’t need any tool in removing the cover.

CoverPlug outlet covers are excellent baby-proofing product because they make the outlet disappear.

There are plastic caps that can be purchased to cover part of the outlet, but as we found from experience small children can easily pull those out. My niece was a master at removing the odd shaped plugs in the outlet. She was drawn to them. Worst yet, she was the only person in the house that could get them out of the outlets!! But, CoverPlug offers a much higher level of protection, not only does it cover the entire outlet it can be painted the same color as the wall making it much more pleasing than those plastic off white things you stick on the outlets.


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