Shark Steam Mop Review

At 3am the Shark Steam Mop seemed like the answer to my prayers, however, the ‘prayer answering’ seems to be a common theme as to which my wallet becomes empty. I put my prayers on the back burner, but today I found the Shark Steam Mop S3101 at Walmart for around $49.00.

This is my reasoning: I’ll buy the cheapy model and if it works well, I get the “As Seen On TV” version at 4 easy payments of $39.00 a month. (The ASOT model has detachable accessories!)

Lets just say I wanted to give this a good honest test and that was the reason for not cleaning my bathroom floor for …….. a week or …. maybe 2.
I wanted the bathroom floor good and dirty – see what this thing is made of!

Cleaning my Bathroom Floor:
When it was over and the cleaning was complete the bottom of the pad was disgusting!
I’m pretty sure the steam was lifting dirt from the past 8 years! Stuff I couldn’t get up with chemicals and a scrubbing in my hands and knees.

Something I should confess before you read the next part, is that my husband has a ‘Real Job’. He comes home every night covered in grease, oil, dirt and nastiest filth you never want in your home and from time to time he’ll tromp into the bathroom wearing those nasty boots! Needless to say the ‘High Traffic Area’ of my bathroom has been soaking all that filth for many years and though he doesn’t do this every day, it has taken a toll on those tiles.

The reason I bring that up is because even though the Shark Steam Cleaning got up YEARS and I mean YEARS of crud, it didn’t get up all the crud. The area right in front of the toilet looks A LOT better, but not like new.

However, it is my opinion that asking this little steam cleaner to eliminate that kind of ground in grossness is a bit much to expect.
I’m relatively sure that the bigger model would be able to eradicate that area, but the S3101 just doesn’t seem to have the power.

Of course if Shark would like to send me the more powerful version I would be more than happy to test it out on my bathroom floor and on all the other floors in my home – Wink! Wink!

Cleaning my Kitchen Linoleum:
Then I cleaned my Kitchen Linoleum floor which was laid about 50 years ago – LONG before we were here. The kitchen floor was washed with regular chemical floor cleaner a day or two ago, but my little Treasure spilled some apple juice on it last night. I wiped it up, but in the morning the floor was rather sticky, so I tried Shark Steam Cleaner on the kitchen floor – the image below is after cleaning only HALF the floor!!!

OBVIOUSLY The Chemical Cleaners are NOT doing their job!

The Shark Steam Mop S3101 is a fabulous devise. It could be a little better on tile floors, but on Linoleum WOW!!! Worth the $50 and then some!!

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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