Shaw’s MyMixx App – the Real Life Test! (Sleepover & Homemade Microwave Popcorn) @shaws #MyMixx


Last week we tested the Shaw’s MyMixx app, but Shaw’s didn’t ask us to review the app, they asked us to put it to the test. Last week Stephanie and I discovered how easy the MyMixx app was to use; this week we’re giving it a real life test – The Sleepover!

My daughter Riley and her besty “V girl” (Yes, that is actually what we call her) are 10 and can’t wait to gather supplies and settle in. But first, they have school, then Taekwondo class, then we have to go shopping. Our goal: find dinner, an activity, and late night movie munchies.
We can’t forget about the little sister, she’s going to be right in the middle of everything.

First the girls changed in to PJ’s while I pop the Celeste frozen pizzas (on sale with #MyMixx coupon!) into the oven. Dinner was spent with the girls recapping the proper kicking and punches from tonight’s class (girls!). Then we whipped up some cupcakes. Cake mix on sale! With lots of frosting with different colors to decorate.

Once we’re all in a proper sugar high, the girls settle in for a movie and our special popcorn treat. We do popcorn a little different from most. We microwave our own. First we decorate the bags, then we put the unpopped kernels in the bags and place the bags in the microwave. After popping, we top with butter and everyone has their own bag of freshly popped back of popcorn.

Stephanie’s experience was a little different! Her daughter Em is 15, and she was heading to a birthday sleepover for her best friend, who is like a part of the family. The three of them went shopping and got great deals by checking out the sales in advance and using the MyMixx app: Doritos, Oreos, Triscuits, M&Ms, Fruit Gusher, even yogurts for breakfast. The teens picked dino chicken nuggets for dinner, along with barbecue chicken strips, veggies and fruit. And don’t forget soft drinks and juice boxes! Food is the one place where two age groups can definitely agree.

Sleepover 1

A teenaged sleepover is very different from a pre-teen sleepover – there were boys there until bedtime, and the movies they watch are much scarier! The teens don’t really need structured activities the way that the younger ones do; they are content to sit around and talk and play games – they usually come up with things to do on the fly and aren’t expecting to be entertained. In fact, parents are not really welcome unless they are supplying food for the bottomless teen stomachs.

Sleepover 3

They had a great time and really appreciated the snacks from Shaws. They ended up playing a couple of board games, and watching 2 movies. Once the boys left, the adults went to bed. No one is really sure how late the girls stayed up, but they were very, very tired the next morning. Sleepover = Success.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Shaw’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

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