20 Pinfully Easy Ways to Get and Stay Organized

Was one of your New Years Resolutions to get Organized?
I love being organized – it’s keeping things that way which I struggle with. It’s not that I don’t put things back, its that no one else does OR I get distracted, put something down and never have time or a thought to go get it and put it away. Out of sight Out of mind!

But here are some simple ways to get and stay organized.

Great to keep your guy organized:



2) Every house with teenagers should have one of these!


3) Would have LOVED to thought of this several years ago.


4) Thank the Good Lord for Dry Erase

Source: chiotsrun.com via EDee on Pinterest


5) I want a door that will close if I do that!


6) Use parchment paper and painters tape to get the layout just right BEFORE drilling holes in the walls.

Source: ehow.com via EDee on Pinterest


7) Fridge Reorganization ~ Going to hardware tomorrow to get the worlds strongest magnets!


8) I am miss chalkboard


9) Embroidery hoops and pillowcases – cute storage idea (Lego, blocks, matchbox cars…)


10) This is an entire post on kids organizational tips


11) The only thing I’ve ever done with a shoe organizer is grow plants!


12) What is that?


13) I need these in my life!


14) There is a Mason Jar Product for Everything!


15) This is great for a pre-school or the Duggers!


16) If I only had room for a craft table! This would be perfect


17) Seriously! What can’t you do with Shoe Organizers, Apparently they aren’t just for planting seedlings.


18) Chalkboard paint again! This is something I need to do, find someone with a baby so I can get their jars!


19) I like this one better


20) 22 Tips to Organize Your Craft Room…time to pretty it up! [great post]


21) ok, you’re getting 21! Everyone in the World Needs This!

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