4 Reasons That Being a Realtor Is Perfect for Moms

When you are a mother, you already have a (more than) full-time job. It is the most important, frequently frustrating and ultimately rewarding responsibility you’ll ever have the good fortune to have. On the downside, nobody ever gets paid for raising their own children. When looking for a job you can do while still taking care of your kids, flexibility is key. If you find yourself looking for career options, consider training for a career in real estate.

Train Online

For those of you who have Googled nevada real estate license online, you know that there is help for people like you: frazzled, possibly spit-up stained and sleep-deprived but committed to learning what you need to be successful in the hours when no one else needs you. If that sounds like your life, the online-only option is your ideal choice. If you are lucky enough to have some free time when the kids are at preschool, you may consider a combined classroom and online course. This is a great option if you feel you are a little too used to speaking to toddlers and need to practice your adult conversation skills.

4 Reasons That Being a Realtor Is Perfect for Moms

Set Your Own Hours

Flexible hours can be both a pro and a con. On the pro side: if you are married or have a working domestic partner, you can trade out working hours so that there is always a parent around for the children’s’ needs. Your work hours would more than likely coincide with most working buyers’ free time, making it a win-win. However, this can also be a con because your evenings and weekends will now be your peak working time instead of sitting on the couch with your partner after dinner, having bathtime with the little ones or going to the park. Your nights will be spent catching up on paperwork but your mornings will still be available for cartoons, sticky kisses and great, big hugs.

Unlimited Earning Potential

The good news about the upper earning limit is that there isn’t one. The bad news is that commissions are generally a matter of the time and effort put into it. It takes time to build a professional reputation and amass clients. As your children grow, so will your available time to work with your buyers. The upside here is that you can grow your business as your children and your experience grows, making it a perfect fit for moms.



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