Be Productive the Stress-Free Way With Atentif Hourglass Clock Timers

You have the same number of hours each day as everyone else. The lazy dude eating chips and watching tv has the same amount of time as the guy on Wall Street raking in the cash, and the guy who spends all day playing ball with his son. What you do with your time is up to you, but I would like to assume that most of us want to be productive, successful individuals. Of course, if you’re like me, I tend to lose track of time and do one of two things; I either get super focused on something for way too long and get nothing else done, or I get distracted way too easily and find that I have accomplished very little by the end of the day. What if there was a way to hold yourself accountable and be productive all day? Well, you may think, there is! You have an app on your smart phone that alarms when a certain amount of time has passed. But alarms can be disturbing, annoying, and add stress to your life. Check out the Atentif Hourglass Clock Timers.

These very classy timers are beautiful and will look great sitting on your desk or shelf. And they serve a really great purpose. They help you get more done while helping you remain stress-free. The large timer filled with black color sand is set to run for 25 minutes, and the smaller timer filled with gold color sand is set to run for 5 minutes. This gives you 25 minutes of productivity and 5 minutes for rest and meditation. After your 5 minutes of meditation, you will be in the right frame of mind to get back to work and stay on task for the next 25 minutes. When taking the time to meditate between times of focused productivity, you will be less stressed and will find that you actually enjoy your days much better.

These hourglass timers are crafted with excellence in mind. They are beautiful, and are made of the highest quality components. Hold yourself accountable with class, and ensure that you live your life free of stress, while being more productive than you imagined. Try the Atentif Hourglass Clock Timers, and discover a whole new way to work.

Be Productive the Stress-Free Way With Atentif Hourglass Clock Timers

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