Bedroom Storage Ideas: 18 Design Hacks You’ll Love

A bedroom that is organized and spacious brings peace of mind. A storage plan is, therefore, required if you’re to keep away things that take up the space in the bedroom. Whether you’re buying or improving using the things that are already at home, creative storage ideas for your collection of settee throws blankets are the key to giving your home sanity and calmness. Whatever you choose to use, be it a tallboy wooden storage or any other amazing idea you have, just ensure that the result meets your preferences.

Here are a few storage ideas you’ll love.

  1. Use the back of your door

The back of your door can help save space in the bedroom. Hang a pair of clothes you wear frequently for easy access when moving in and out. You can add extra things like the baby shoes in toddler backpacks to unused doors.

  1. Install shelves

Installing shelves along the wall perimeters is a creative storage solution. The unused space of at least 12 inches of the wall below the ceiling can serve as a storage solution. Adding shelves help to keep stuffy items that are rarely used.

  1. Binder clips

Binder clips can be used to organize cables when clipped to a desk or bed. You can store a couple of lightweight things such as sunglasses, headphones, and your chargers in a more orderly way. These are hack storage solutions to space minimalists.

  1. Ladder shoe storage

DIY enthusiasts can find ladder shoe storage quite classic in a bedroom. A painted old wood ladder can offer distinct storage for heeled shoes. The ladder can utilize the floor space that could otherwise be covered by the shoes.

  1. The crown moulding as a shoe rack

Heeled shoes can be hanged against the wall using the crown moulding. Crown moulding help to keep the shoes intact, as the sole can support itself against the wall. The ones that blend with the wall are the most recommended to keep the room classic.

Bedroom Storage Ideas: 18 Design Hacks You'll Love

  1. Clothes rack

Hanging clothes on a rack in the corner help to utilize bedroom space. An empty corner can be utilized by making simple clothes rack to hang extra garments. Basic carpentry skills are required to quickly make the clothing rack. Buying a portable rack can also be helpful.

  1. Under the bed storage

Bedrooms with limited storage call for under the bed storage. These are simple solutions for providing space for storing seasonal items and clothes. You can store your stuff in a zipped bag and slide it under the bed to solve your storage issues.

  1. Hanging organizers

If you have limited closet storage, hanging organizers can save your space. The hanging organizers are featured with holders for anything that you might need to hand up in your closet. With these hanging organizers, the messy arrangement of stuffy items is eliminated.

  1. Trunks

Trunks are ideal storage solutions that can perfectly fit the decor of your bedroom. They are enough to fit extra clothing, pillows, and blanket. You can choose one big trunk or multiple small ones, as long as they fit at the bottom of a bed.

  1. Fold-down desk

Installing fold down desks in the bedroom saves space in small bedrooms. This kind of desks practically creates more space once they’re folded and placed back against the walls. Some foldable desks come with built-in storage for a few supplies.

  1. Cock wall for jewelry

A cork wall is ideal for jewelry storage. This board is mounted on a wall to provide a simple and sustainable storage space to keep all your jewelry. The cock wall takes the least space just like a picture frame.

  1. Jewelry branch

The jewelry branch brings a picture of nature and a rustic look in your bedroom. This is an easy DIY task for most people. Use good quality branch and design extra crafty on the stand to create an impressive image while you hang your jewelry.

  1. Floating shelves

Adding a few floating shelves doesn’t only create a storage solution but also beauty. This will save your floor space while it expands your space visually. Mount the shelves using a stud and screwdriver to store light items to minimize space.

  1. Legos for keys and cables

Lego storage can create a creative desk and bed organization to hung your favorites. You can store your keys and cables right on the Legos, where you can retrieve them easily. Besides providing a plain sight for a few items, Legos saves space on your bedroom desk.

  1. Pair up smart units

Instead of placing vertical shelves and clothing racks separately, pairing them with other appropriate storage items can save space. Organize your furniture to identify items that can be paired to form an ultimate duo to save space.

  1. Clever clips

You can utilize the clever clips on a bare wall to save space. While you display your collection, the clever clips will keep your clothes organized on the wall.

  1. Built-in storage

You can opt for drawers in the walls for storing toys and other stuffy items to save space. Inbuilt wardrobes hidden behind mirrors will not only appear classic but also a storage solution for confidential or special items.

  1. Corner shelves

Installing corner shelves is absolutely a perfect way to save your storage. You can use the floating corner shelves for picture frames or potted plants with beautiful colours.


The storage solutions for the bedrooms should not only utilize the space but ensure neatness. Pay attention to your lighting, temperature control, and atmosphere with peace of mind while implementing these storage ideas.

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