Delicious Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake Recipe

Oh yes, I found another pin that just looking at it put on 5 pounds! WOW!!!
Now you go be boppen over to this nice ladies site and gab this recipe – because DAMN!

Source: via Jana on Pinterest


This cake was very fudgey and dense. This sucker was a behemoth of a cake, weighing in at over 5 pounds! It was loaded with cocoa, semisweet chocolate, sour cream, eggs and butter- just like every chocolate cake should be. Then it was drizzled with a silky smooth ganache. I opted to add even more chocolate to it by sprinkling it with a handful of mini chocolate chips, simply because I can This is no ordinary cake so I suggest you wait and serve this for a crowd or special occasions unless of course you’re PMS-ing and NEED 5 pounds of chocolate cake sitting around …… Read More? Click the Image Above.

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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