Five Mistakes You Can Avoid When Buying an Indoor Water Fountain

Five Mistakes You Can Avoid When Buying an Indoor Water Fountain

If you are planning to buy an indoor fountain, you must make an informed decision to avoid mistakes during shopping for it. You do not want to end up clueless after hearing a number of suggestions from different retailers and manufacturers. Considering that you have already settled on a decision to get an indoor fountain for your space, you must have also heard of all the benefits it brings. Now it’s time to learn which indoor fountain will suit your needs and taste the most.

Let’s discuss the basic slip-ups a prospective purchaser can experience in case he/she does not know how to plan for this important water feature shopping.

Size Mismatching:

A tabletop fountain is not suggested for a large area by itself as an embellishing item. A floor fountain would not accompany the looks of a small room or an office. The diameter of the tabletop fountain should be the base of your size estimation. The fountain’s height can also be checked to ensure there is some clear-out to your space. You can measure a floor fountain by its width and height can be determined by stacking some boxes up. The size would not be an issue if it is an outdoor fountain.

Inappropriate Placement:

It is only common sense that a tall vertical wall fountain and a low lying roof would not accessorize each other. A horizontal wall fountain will be more suitable for such space. If it is a tabletop fountain, make sure it fits the space on your table or desk and doesn’t fully occupy it.

Unsuited to the Existing Decor:

This goes without saying – the indoor fountain you buy must go with the looks of your furniture and the room’s overall stylistic layout. A water fountain should have the capacity to render its artistic excellence as a show-stopper. It must blend in with the design of both the indoor and outdoor part of your house or office.

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Insufficient Materials:

You have the choice to select an indoor fountain from a wide range of designs and materials. If you want your indoor fountain to long for years, then you must choose quality over price. One approach to get the appropriate fountain that will suit your taste and budget it to shop by the material. You can select from copper, glass, granite, slate, stone, ceramic, and many more.


Water fountains have varying price ranges. You may find a small tabletop fountain for as low as $15, though, some top-notch designer wall fountains price for more than $10,000. Now it obviously depends on you if you simply want to do a small splurge or make a big financial investment. However, you must take into account the maintenance needs of a big fountain if you are thinking to get one.

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