Five Simple Ways to Protect Your Pipes #RotoRooter #ad


Five Simple Ways to Protect Your Pipes

Five Simple Ways to Protect Your Pipes #RotoRooter #ad

Protecting the pipes in your home is a great way to help save money and prevent septic back-ups, leaky pipes, and clogged drains. Below are five simple ways to protect your pipes.

Have Septic System Serviced – Every three to five years, you should have a septic system professional service your system. He will check your pipes for leaks and check the septic tank for sludge levels. Be sure to keep up with the information provided to you during this inspection. The professional will let you know when your tank needs to be pumped.

Replace cast iron and galvanized pipes – Cast iron and galvanized pipes were used years ago, and after years of being exposed to water, the pipes begin to rust on the inside. This is a health hazard, but can also cause your pipes to clog. It is advised that cast iron and galvanized pipes be replaced with plastic piping.

Control what goes down the drain – Clogged pipes is a common household problem, and while Roto-Rooter products are excellent for unclogging them, a little prevention goes a long way. You can prevent clogs by controlling what goes down the drain. If you have a garbage disposal, use it for smaller foods and stray bits of food that happen to spill into the sink. For larger foods, choose to put those in the trash. You can also place strainers in the sink to prevent things from going down the drain.

Septic Treatment – A way to prevent toilet clogs and septic back-ups is by using Roto-Rooter Septic Treatment. Pour the recommended amount into your toilet each month to keep your septic system clean. It uses enzymes that break down and eliminate waste that has the potential to clog your pipes and back up your septic system.

Winterize pipes – In the winter time, it is important that you prevent your pipes from freezing. When pipes freeze, they burst, and this causes major leaks and loss of water. To prevent this, simply cover exposed pipes with insulation to keep them warm. When the outside temperatures are below freezing, it is recommended that you leave the water running on low. This keeps the water moving to prevent frozen pipes.

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