Free Random Stuff from the Basement – Sponsored by Nestle

Free Stuff from the Basement - Sponsored by Nestle

Free Random Stuff from the Basement


Free Stuff from the Basement was such a HUGE Success last year that I’m bring it back And this year Nestle is helping out by sponsoring candy treats to be added to the packages (while supplies last).

Just like last year you add your name and address to the form (never published). That name and address gets printed on a shipping label and stuck into a fish bowl!

As stuff is packaged to ship a shipping label is pulled from the fish bowl and stuck onto the package. Postage is printed and the package is shipped.

You may get something. You may get nothing. But you won’t get anything if you don’t try!
All Entries are good for THIS MONTH ONLY! (Meaning: You need to enter your information once every month to be eligible for that months stuff)

Names, Address and Email addresses are NEVER EVER sold, rented or otherwise given to any person or company. EVER! I hate that crap and I will never do that.

Most common questions: How can you afford the shipping? Why not just donate the stuff?

It’s simple really I earn an income from my blog. The more people come, the more pages viewed, the more ads click, the more images pinned – the more money I make.

You have to spend money to make money.

I’m spending a little of what I make from ads and such on postage to attract more traffic to my blog in order to make money – see simple!

If this gets any bigger I’ll start gathering sponsors to pay to add items to the packages, but for the minute I just want all this stuff out of my basement.

The More Traffic – the More Stuff I Give Away
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Extra Stuff you may want to know:
If you entered the code for something specific, but you were to late – fear not! You’re still in our system for other great stuff from the basement!

When it comes to a “Code” – when there is a code involved we’re not to picky about how you enter it, as long as we know which one you mean. If it’s 2 words, it doesn’t matter if there’s a space or if you misspell it.

Your address is printed on the postage just as you enter it. If the system rejects it, it’s deleted and the system will move on to the next address. Please make sure you enter the address correctly. If the Post Office doesn’t recognize it it’s removed automatically. US and APO residents only


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