How Social Media Can Impact Your Divorce

How Social Media Can Impact Your Divorce

Since around 2004, social media has taken over American culture and spread across the globe. While there are hundreds of active social media platforms, Facebook still remains the king with businesses and personal users alike. In fact, over 6 million advertisers and 65 businesses choose Facebook as a primary marketing tool. The only way that’s successful is if enough people see those ads. And with over 2 billion monthly users (almost one-third of the planet’s population) using the platform monthly for personal reasons, it’s almost a cash cow. Of course, since so many people give so much of their attention to others online, it’s no wonder social media plays a significant part in the reasons people file for divorce annually. It’s pretty clear how online activity can affect your marriage. But how can social media impact your divorce?

Hidden Income or Assets

Social media encourages and even expects users to pour their secrets out onto the page. This can be through picture posting or boasting. Life is often seen through rose-colored glasses when sharing it with strangers online. But sometimes, those connections are real and have lingering consequences. Even if you’re not connected to your ex, some of your connections may be. And that new car you posted or the status about the extravagant vacation you just took with your new attractive co-worker after insisting you could never afford to take your ex anywhere can spread like wildfire… not just to your ex, but also to their Michigan divorce attorney.

How Social Media Can Impact Your Divorce

Pre-Divorce Dating Activities

Connecting with someone new as or after a relationship falls apart is normal and often natural. But when that connection expands to a full-blown affair before the divorce is finalized, your future can be compromised. Michigan is a true no-fault divorce state, so infidelity won’t be considered as a reason for divorce in the court hearing. However, adultery is a felony in Michigan. In certain circumstances, the adulterer could face legal issues later if the spouse found out in time and acted quickly enough. It is rare that it happens, but it’s not impossible.

Spousal Support and Child Custody Modifications

Social media sites offer effective solutions for improving your career opportunities. In some cases, spouses find better jobs or change positions in the company and get higher incomes without informing the soon-to-be-ex. All financial matters leading up to the divorce hearing must be disclosed as they affect spousal support and child custody agreements. A higher income can lead to more alimony due on your part. And more duties at work could cause custodial modifications once your time is proven to be limited beyond what you originally claimed. Don’t hide these changes from your spouse because they will bite you later.

Aggression and Negativity Cycles

Anger and frustration run high during a divorce, but the negativity needs to stay offline at all costs. Making negative or snide posts or comments about your soon-to-be-ex can seem harmless to you, especially if they’re not tagged or mentioned directly. But they can bite you later. Being a jerk won’t keep you from getting your divorce, but judges take negativity and parental behavior seriously when considering what’s best for the kids. Those “harmless” vents can help ensure your ex is awarded full or primary custody. Contact your Michigan divorce attorney if necessary for therapy or support group solutions to avoid impacting your divorce and future.

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