10 Best Science Museums You Will Love

10 Best Science Museums You Will LoveĀ  (Photo Credit)

Museums are known for preserving the history that is hundreds or thousands of years old. However, the fast growth of science in the past century and few decades means that the subject is demanding preservation of ideas and artifacts so that future generations can trace their advancement from one stage to the other. This has led to the rise of amazing science museums in different cities and institutions. Hire experienced writers to handle your chemistry homework with expertise and guarantee the best performance.

Science museums are set up for specific fields. It could be chemistry, biology, aero-science, space science, evolution, and such other scientific areas. They provide detailed information in the areas of specialization and will assist young scholars as well as science enthusiasts to understand the history of present-day developments.

Here are ten science museums that are fascinating to visit and will blow your mind with their preservation of science history.

  1. Museum of Science, Boston

The museum is unique because it does not have a specific niche. Students and science enthusiasts can see everything from biology to physics, evolution, and aero-science, among others. This science is then brought to life with the installation of an indoor zoo. It not only preserves history but has also provided more than 100 animals with a place to call home. The zoo brings the history and future together into one of the most amazing science exhibitions.

  1. Exploratorium, San Francisco

The Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco is a perfect place for adults and children. It is segmented into six areas of interest. The unique factor is the availability of interactive activities where both children and adults. Tinkering is one of the sections where visitors think with their hands and engage in creativity. The museum also has a Seeing and Listening section where they can conduct experiments with sounds, vision, hearing, and light. The museum also features the artwork section where artworks from different years in history are displayed. You will also enjoy special events like Saturday Cinema and After Dark that is hosted at the museum. Tactile Dome offers interactive events held in total darkness. There is no moment to rest at the museum.

  1. Hands-On! Regional Museum

Though a small museum, it is an exciting place to visit in Johnston City, Tennessee. The museum is designed for learning kids with a range of activities to enjoy. The Eastman Discovery Lab allows children to conduct experiments and test their curiosity. Other activities to enjoy in the most amazing science museum include playing the giant chimes, flashing the light of a police motorcycle, and the enormous bubble.

  1. National Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C.

The magic of this museum features in the movie Night at the Museum 2. It ranks among the most visited museums around the world. It preserves some of the most important space artifacts, including the Apollo 11 parts and the Wright Brothers plane. Well, do not expect the Tuskegee men to come to life and begin talking to you. That only happens in movies.

  1. Science Museum of Minnesota

The museum is built overlooking the Mississippi River. It is famous for the dinosaur and fossils gallery as well as the mini-golf holes that allow you to explore the landscape. It also has an experiment lab for school kids.

  1. Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Windy City plays host to this museum in a Romanesque building. The museum allows you to explore a range of scientific artifacts, including u-boats from Germany, genetic exhibits, and old trains. It also has a FarmTech exhibition center that traces the evolution of agriculture technology. It provides an incredible view of the Chicago experience.

  1. Discovery Place

Discovery Place is located in Charlotte and features rat basketball as one of the main activities to enjoy here. You will learn about brain cells and how you acquire knowledge. The museum specializes in brain science. Very young children have a satellite facility at Huntersville in North Carolina.

  1. The Franklin Institute

You need an entire day to tour this museum in Philadelphia. It introduces kids to basic science and is designed with storytelling principles in mind. The combination of art and science provides the best experience for visitors.

  1. The Center for Science and Industry, Ohio (COSI)

The information and learning experience at this center could see you spend the entire day without exhausting everything on offer. It has an ocean center where you learn about both technology and animal life. It offers a great family experience with more than 300 exhibits. It is rated among the best places to spend time with your family.

  1. Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, California

The museum is a real technology museum and laboratory where you can test your ideas. Virtual world technology is used in these experiments. The exhibitions are animated by global imagery leaders.

Each museum offers a unique part of history to enjoy. The integration of technology gives visitors a more exciting experience touring any facility. Science museums are incredible spots for learners as well as family visits.

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