How to create a LINK (and Bonus: Open link in a New Tab)

The email request I receive most often: How Do I Create a Link

The link tag starts like this <a href=“ ” >
The ‘a href’ tells the browser “Hey Browser, when a visitor clicks the text at the end, you‘re going to send them to the address between the quotation marks”

The link tag ends with one of these </a> That is a closing tag.
Some tags have closing tags others are self closing, this one has to be closed – and there is a reason for that.

You need to type something in the middle so people have something to click.
An empty link tag looks like this <a href=“ ” > </a>

<a href= the link you want to send the person ” > what the person will click </a>

When you’re done it will look something like this
<a href=“ ”> Stuck At Home</a>

BUT! You don’t want the visitor to actually leave your site? That’s not a problem.

This: target=“_blank” can be added to the link tag so when a visitor clicks on the link a new browser tab is opened.

Example: <a href=“” target=“_blank” > Stuck At Home</a>

Go ahead, try it: Stuck At Home

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