How To Make A Stylish Leather Skirt By Yourself

A leather skirt is an essential part of a wardrobe for some women. Leather skirts come in various adorable trends and styles you can’t avoid them if you are a true lover of skirts. However, the price can be a real issue, especially, when looking for some customized leather that meets your fashion taste.

But why in the first place should you settle on something averagely or overpriced yet you can make your own leather skirt at home; and most importantly, customize it completely to meet your taste? While shopping can be a fun activity a DIY leather skirt is easy- to- make an option if you are willing to put on something inexpensive but fashionable.

To sew a leather skirt with zipper successfully, all that you will need is a sewing machine, needles, leather fabric material and a zipper. You will also require scissors, darts, and a tape measure. By simple cutting, rearranging and joining the fabric materials according to your design you will have a skirt of your desires. If you are totally newbie, sourcing for fabric can be a little bit pricey; you need be creative enough to cut down on the costs.

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So where do you start?

The first step in designing and sewing a DIY leather skirt is determining the type of skirt you want. Do you want a pencil model or just a normal size skirt? What length does favor most? For a pencil type, you are going to require relatively strong fabric.

Measure from the waistline to your desired point on your legs to determine the length. Also measure the waist, the low waistline, the hips and the legs to determine your exact measurements and the shape of your new piece of clothing. Remember to add one to two inches to this length for seam allowances and any errors.

Once you have the front and back measurements, transfer them onto your fabric marking the ends with a piece of chalk or erasable marker. Using heavy scissors cut the fabric along the lines marked leaving extra allowance for seam allowances. Usually, the front part is left as a single piece while the back piece is further divided into two leaving extra seam allowance spaces for the zipper and the center seam.

Before you sew it try on the skirt to ensure it fits properly, you can secure the front piece and the back pieces together using straight pins. (When working with pins takes extra care or you risk getting poked.) If you are happy with your new designed skirt to turn it inside out and start to sew it up. Leather fabric is always not such stretchy, so for pencil skirts, you are going to consider having a slit either at the center, back or on the sides to give walking space.

Lastly, you are going to require the zipper. Just like the slit you can place the zipper at the center, at both ends or on the sides. Wow! At last, you have your skirt. If you put it on and you realize it has some bagginess around the waistline you can add darts to fix the problem, make a turn up at the bottom sew it and you have the a piece of clothing of your desires.


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